Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


12. Dress Shopping

Still Daisy's POV

A couple of months later, Jay and I have finished organized our wedding and currently now I'm wedding dress shopping with my girlz.

"Alright Michelle would you be my maid of honor?" I asked

"Of course chicka" Michelle replies

"And Kelsey and Nareesha are my bridesmaids" I replied

"Sure thing chickpea" Kelsey replies

"Okay so let's get changing" I replied

We walked into one of the wedding dress shop.

"Okay me first or you guys?" I asked

"You go because we need to see what the dress suits you" Nareesha replies

I nodded and we looked and found 5 we liked. I walked into he change room and tried on the first dress. I walked out.

"It's a nice style but it's not you" Kelsey replies

I nodded and walked back into the change room. I came out wearing the second dress.

"No that is not you either" Michelle replies

"Okay the other three have to be it" I replied

I walked back into the change room and tried on the third dress. I came out.

"Yeah I like it but it's not you again" Nareesha replies

I sighed and walked back into the change room. I tried the second to last dress on and came out.

"That's you but let's see the last dress" Kelsey replies

"Alright but then it's you guys" I replied

I walked back into the change room and put on the last dress and came out.

"Okay okay now that is you" Michelle replies

"I agree that is totally you" Kelsey replies

I smiled and walked back into the change room and got changed. I came out with  dresses. I put 4 back and held onto the one dress. Kelsey, Michelle and Nareesha went to try on their dresses.

"What sort of colour for the maid of honor?" Michelle replies

"I reckon properly a red or something" I replied

Michelle came out. I gasped.

"Wow that really suits you Chelle" I replied

Michelle had a look in the mirror.

"It does doesn't it" Michelle replies

Michelle walks back into the change room. One down 2 to go.

"Are you two nearly done, I'm starving?" I replied

"Hang on chickpea, we're almost there" Kelsey replies

Kelsey walks out and looks in the mirror.

"That looks hot on you" I replied

Then Nareesha came out.

"Wow you look great babe" I replied

"So who's hungry?" Michelle asked

"Do you even have to ask" I asked

Michelle laughed and Kelsey and Nareesha went back in to get changed. hen they came out we paid for the dresses and got in my car. Once everyone was in the car I drove to McDonalds, for Kelsey, Michelle and Nareesha and went to get a salad from another shop for me.

"What do you want to do next?" I asked

"Since the boys are at the studio, how about we go to the beach" Kelsey replies

"Alright, I'm in, what about you two?" I asked

"Sounds great" Michelle and Nareesha replies

"So I'll go home, since your cars are there and we can get changed" I repleid

I drove home and walked inside.


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