Beautiful Thing (Jay Mcguiness Love Story)

Daisy Dale has been Max Geroge's best friend since they were little, when Max introduced Daisy to the other member on The Wanted, Jay and Daisy became very close now they have been dating for 6 months and nothing can break them apart.


1. All about me

Hi I'm Daisy and this is my profile

Name: Daisy Kate Dale
Age: 22
Parents: Riley Nathaniel Dale (Dead) and Isabella Zoey Dale (Dead)
Siblings: none
Where I'm from: Manchester

What I look like: I have long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, I'm 5'11 and have two tattoos of my parents names, DOB (date of birth) and DOD (date of death).
Personality: Sweet, Bubbly, was mute when my parents died, but not anymore, caring towards my friends, well mannered and soft hearted.

Best Friends: Nathan Sykes, Max George, Tom Park, Siva Kaneswaran and Bailey Willis (gay)
Boy Friend: Jay McGuiness

Colour: Blue
Food: anything especially skittles (and I'm Vegetarian)
Drinks: tea and hot chocolate
Bands: The Wanted (of course) and Fun
Singers: Alicia Keys and Ed Sheeran
Movies: Avatar (Jay got me into it), The Notebook, most Disney Movies.
TV Shows: Neightbours, Home and Away, Shortland Street, Once Upon Time, Big Time Theory and Charmed.

Likes: Listening to music, playing my guitar, dancing around the house, singing, hanging with my guys and my boy.
Dislikes: Rudness, Bullying, swearing and People being bossy.


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