New Love

Katie Lives in london and has been with her boyfriend Harry for 10 months. They get in a HUGE fight after Harry forgetsw there 10 month aniversary. Then Katie starts questioning there relationship and tells hm the should take a break from each other for a week and then they will decide if they should stay together or not. After getting embaressed in front of the whole school Katie is comforted by someone she didnt excpect would care about her anymore, but she dosnt feel the same way about him as he does her after meeting one of his friends. KEEP READING to find out the mystery boy.


2. Wednesday

Katie's P.O.V

It was really different not talking to Harry everyday. Acouple times I had picked up my phone getting ready to text Harry cute little things.....but as of right now we wernt together. It was kinda awkward seeing him in the halls, he would just look at me and i would look at him and we would kind of just stare at each other for like 5 seconds. My friend Taylor knew how mcuh I missed him, and I did. It;s just... i couldnt go crawling back to him, since im the one that came up with this whole break thing. I would just have to wait until the end of the week and then i would see how much I missed him. I had seen this cute blonde hair boy around the campus though, he was very very cute. But i still had feelings for Harry...... I was stuck in a tornadoe of emotions.



I walked into the cafeteria. Stopped to find Taylor and Hannah. My two best friends i always sat with at lunch. As i walked over to where they were sitting an anooying skiny girl with long blonde hair stepped in front of me. "Hey Katie." she said with an evil smirk on her face. "Where are you going?" she asked acting cluless because ummm obviously we where in the lunch room. "Obviously im going to eat lunch."i said through gritted teeth. Now i could feel all eyes on us. Beth had hated me for like EVER and only because i am dating Harry well was.... "But you arnt holding any lunch.." she said trying to seem all detective like or somthing. "Ermmm ya i have to go buy it.." i said now kind of embaressed cause like EVERYONE was watching us. "Here let me give you my lunch." she said acting all peppy. She grabbed a tray next to her, FULL of food and dumped it right on me. Spaghetti went slopping down my white jeans and pink shirt and every where, the whole cafeteria filled with gasps. "YOU YOU........" "BITCH?" someone said. The lunch room filled with little giggles. I ran out of the cafeteria my eyes filling with tears. I could hear little footr steps behind me thinking it was Taylor or Hannah.  All of the sudden a pair of muscular hands grabbed my arm. I turned around to see........ Harry.


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