New Love

Katie Lives in london and has been with her boyfriend Harry for 10 months. They get in a HUGE fight after Harry forgetsw there 10 month aniversary. Then Katie starts questioning there relationship and tells hm the should take a break from each other for a week and then they will decide if they should stay together or not. After getting embaressed in front of the whole school Katie is comforted by someone she didnt excpect would care about her anymore, but she dosnt feel the same way about him as he does her after meeting one of his friends. KEEP READING to find out the mystery boy.


8. Just a regular day...with annoying people in it.

Katie's P.O.V

UGHHHH I HATE  School!!!! Especially high school. All of the gilrs are prissy little annoying BRATS and everyone thinks they are better than you. At least I have Harry and Taylor. But I have had an annoying little someone in my life lately. No....not Hannah.... MY EX BOYFRIENDS KYLE! Ok well here is the story. So me and Kyle dated for about..... 6 months maybe and then I asked him one day to go to the movies with me. But he said he wasnt feeling good. So me and Taylor went to the movies....and guess who we ran into.... KYLE! I dumped his sorry ass right there.

Lately he has been like obsessing over me. Well I shouldnt say lately cause every sense we broke up he has wanted me back. But like lately he has been gowing WAY TO FAR! And Harry knows about it but there is nothing he can really do besides fight with him....wich neither of us want.

So there I was walking to math and all of the sudden I felt a pair of arms rap around my mid waste.

"Harry?" i said turning around with a smile.

Right then I felt a pair of lips jam into mine.

"Nope." the voice said pulling away.


I slapped him so hard in the face to wear like 5 people around us just turned and looked at us and did that annoying little,

"OOOOOHHHHH" bull crap.

I stormed off to math because Harry and Taylor where in that class. Right when i entered I saw Harry and Taylor talking. I slammed my books onto my desk which was right next to them.

"Whats wrong?!?" asked Harry.

"Kyle fucking kissed me!" I said. Luckily my teacher is a slaker and wasnt in class yet.

"HE WHAT?!" asked Taylor.

I just nodded my head.

"Well???? What did you do?!" asked Harry.

"Oh i hugged him...... WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?! I smacked him!" I said kind of pissed that Harry actually asked that.

"Well...... Now i have to do somthing. I didnt really want to get involved with what he did to you but he has gone WAY TO FAR! said Harry.



Danmit....that annoying bell.

Like I said... my teacher was a slacker... so he just came in and sat down and didnt do ANYTHING! My whole high school was kind of a free for all. I mean there were some teachers who were strict and "Wanted to make the best out of us." bull crap. But seriously if we wanted we could-we could JUST LEAVE!! Thats exactly what im planning on doing.

Me, Harry, Taylor, And Liam are going to take the day off and do things around LONDON!!

"Hey guys.... how do you feel about taking the rest of school off and going to do things around the city?" I aske them.

"OH.... you dont have to ask twice. Let me text Liam." said Taylor.

"Ok." said Harry with his cheeky little smile.

"Ok Liam will meet us out front in 5." said Taylor.

We all got up and walked to mr. Roberts desk.

"Hey we ummmmm have to go." I said.

Mr. Robert looked up from his computer and just nodded.

We all got our stuff and met Liam and headed to Lunch at Nandos.

It was only 10:00 so we had like...... 5 other classes. But none of us had any intention of going back.

It was about 12:00 when my phone rang.


Harry grabbed my phone and looked up.

"Kyle." he said.

"Haha what did he say?" asked Taylor.

"Hey beautiful, where are you?" Harry read out loud.

All of the sudden Harry started typeing and then, my phone maid that little sound when the message has sent.

I went over and read it.

"Hey ;) im in the cafeteria waiting for you." it read.

I smirked and put my head on Harry's shoulder. He kissed the top of my head.

"What now?" asked Liam.

We all agreed to go watch the Cabin in the Woods at the movies.

I hated scary movies, but it was a friday and it was a really fun afternoon sooo WHY NOT?!

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