New Love

Katie Lives in london and has been with her boyfriend Harry for 10 months. They get in a HUGE fight after Harry forgetsw there 10 month aniversary. Then Katie starts questioning there relationship and tells hm the should take a break from each other for a week and then they will decide if they should stay together or not. After getting embaressed in front of the whole school Katie is comforted by someone she didnt excpect would care about her anymore, but she dosnt feel the same way about him as he does her after meeting one of his friends. KEEP READING to find out the mystery boy.


3. Forever and Always

Katie's P.O.V

"I cant believe she did that!!" i cried into my hands.

"Shhhhh, i know iknow i can't either." Harry said stroking my hair. He pulled my closer to him but i kind of hesitated.

"Its ok." he said. Then i just let him pull me into his chest. I really did have feelings for him know i could see it was true love.

"I can't handel this." I said

"I know high school can suck somtimes."harry said trying to be understanding.

"No...... I mean being apart from you." "Ok i screwd up. We should have never fought and this taking a break thing........3 days is long enough to know that i still love you." i said now looking up at him.

"You didnt screw up."he said. "I did. I forgot all about the aniversary. What kind of boyfriend does that?" he said.

"My kind of boyfriend." i whispered.

He kissed the top of my head, and said..

"So are we back together?"

"Yes."i smiled, "Forever and always."

I know I thought that Niall was cute but you know what. There are alot of cute boys in this world but i have my man right here. And i also knew that Hannah was like head over heels IN LOVE with Niall.


Harry's P.O.V

I COULDNT STAND BEING APART FORM HER FOR THAT LONG!!!! But I........have somthing to tell her.......but I dont know when to say it. Hopefully she dosnt freak out and we break up again.

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