New Love

Katie Lives in london and has been with her boyfriend Harry for 10 months. They get in a HUGE fight after Harry forgetsw there 10 month aniversary. Then Katie starts questioning there relationship and tells hm the should take a break from each other for a week and then they will decide if they should stay together or not. After getting embaressed in front of the whole school Katie is comforted by someone she didnt excpect would care about her anymore, but she dosnt feel the same way about him as he does her after meeting one of his friends. KEEP READING to find out the mystery boy.


4. Coffee and confessions

Katie's P.O.V

Me and Harry had been dating again for about 2 weeks now. I can't believe I had ever broke up with him...

Anyway today we were meeting eachother for coffee. We did this ll the time, we would grab some coffee, then go take a walk in the park, or go to the fair, movies, etc.

As i walked dpwn the side walk in the chilly London air, i started thinking... What did Harry need to tell me? He had told me specifically today that he wanted to meet me for coffee cause he needed to tell me something.  I stopped dead in my tracks......he didnt cheat on me? Did he?

Doubt it, he told me he would never do that to ANY girl but especially not me. I brushed that thought away, all my life i had been worried about things, but nothing bad happend. I just sike myself out of things.


As i opend the door to starbucks i stopped to scan the room looking for Harry. Our eyes meet and he stood up walking over to me.

"I already ordered you a hot chocolate." he said with a smile while grabbing me hand.

"Thanks babe." i replied.


"Soooo was there somthing important you needed to tell me?" i asked him.

I could see that he got a bit worried when i asked this. It couldnt be that bad....right.


Harry's P.O.V


I had to tell Katie. She was my girlfriend and we had promised to tell each other everything. Her hands where rapped around her cup of hot chocolate. I pried them off and held them in my hands. I stared straight into her eyes.

"Katie." i said.

She just kept looking at me.

"Im sorry, i know this is horribel what i am about to tell you. And i just want you to know. I love YOU and only YOU! Ok?"

"Harry......what happend?" she asked

"When we were apart for those 3 days.........I....ermmm......I saw Hannah. NO! I didnt do anything with know....that involved us..... whatever all we did was went on a date or 2.....nothing big we didnt make out or anything. Its just i was missing you and she said i could talk to her and I dont know....somthing just took over. Im sorry. Ok it was a stupid mistake and it wont happen again. I love you."i explained to her.


Katie's P.O.V

I just got a lump in my throat. I slipped my hands out of his and just stared down at the tabel trying to process everything i just got told......was he serious? I mean I think i can believe him, that he didtn do anything besides talk to her on "Dates" but still.....was it that easy to just forget about me and go on a "Date" with ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS?!

I looked up to meet his eyes again. I didnt want to make it a huge deal of what i just heard so I decided to believe in what he said and just be done with this conversation.

"Lets go." thats all I could say. We got up and walked to the park across the street. I just needed to get out. That coffee shop seemed like it was closing in on me. Should I be upset with what i just heard? Or brush it away. But should I even be mad at Harry? Or more mad at Hannah?...

We walked through the park silently holding hands.

"So are you pissed?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"Im here... right?" i said.

"He stopped and turned to face me he pulled me into him and started kissing my head. I pulled away.

"I said i wasn't pissed. Not I wasnt upset." i told him.

He stopped and went to my side again.

"Sorry."he said.

(Sorry if you see the name Josie....its from another fan fiction i wrote...sorry just know that in this fan fic Joise=Katie but i will try to put Katie lol)

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