One Kiss Doesn't Change A Thing ~COMPLETE~

Harry used to be my best friend. Then, he went off auditioning for the X-Factor. After he was formed into the amazing-oh-so-popular One Direction, we didn't talk as much as we used to. I don't know why. I mean, Harry was my best friend, but I always, and still do, had a crush on him. Then, he left me, and our relationship started to fade away. I recently moved to the USA, and that was when Harry and I lost touch. I through all the things that we did together all in a box and tried to forget about it.
What happens when Harry and Ava meet one day unexpectedly?


15. The Hospital


Harry’s POV

“…Who cares if I’ve been waiting for this kiss for like 3 years!”

My heart stopped. She liked me? She had a crush on me? She loved me more than a best friend? I saw her face. Now she was the one embarrassed. I needed to comfort her, to tell her it’s alright. I went to hug her, but she hesitated. “No, just leave me alone.” She walked out. I stood there, with her whole class staring at me. Rachel came up to me.

“See, Harry? She’s just a worthless pathetic girl. She’s a loser. No need to be with her. Go find another best friend and another girlfriend. Ava’s not good for you. She’s for a loser. Not for Harry Styles.”

I looked at Rachel. She had an evil smile on her face.

“On the other hand I’m good for you Harry!” she said.

“No, no. You’re the pathetic one Rachel! You and your other two losers!” I pointed at Jessica and Ella. “Don’t you dare talk about Ava like that in front of me! Ava’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she has a caring heart unlike you.” Everyone started clapping. I mean everyone. Then I remembered Ava. I had to go after her. I wasn’t going to stop going after her until she forgave me. I was determined. I walked towards the exit of the hotel.

“Ava! Ava!”

I was outside the hotel doors looking around for Ava. Then I saw her. She was walking towards the street. No! She was going to get hit! No Ava no! I started to cry harder. I ran after her. I saw a car coming. NO!

“AVA! WATCH OUT! AVA!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. She didn’t turn around. NO AVA! The car hit her and she flew a few feet on the ground. That was the worse sight I have ever seen. I cried harder. I stood frozen on the sidewalk. My Ava lied lifeless in the middle of the street. People started to come to her rescue.

“Ava! Ava!” I moved through the people to get to my Ava. I was next to her. I was too late. She blacked out.

“Ava, please don’t die. Please. I missed you Ava. Please.” I whispered to her.

I heard the ambulance come. Someone had called 9-1-1. The people next to us moved away from Ava but not me.

“Son, I would like you to move. We need to take her to the hospital.”

“Can I come with her? Please?” I asked, praying he would say yes.

“Okay sure. Can you call her parents for me on the way?” he said as the others took her in the ambulance.

“I don’t have their numbers. But I’ll call my friends to find out.”

I got in the ambulance and held Ava’s hand. I looked at her pale face. She can’t die. No, she can’t die.

I called Zayn.

“Harry! Where are you? Where’s Ava? Her friend MaryAnn is worried sick!”
I started to cry, “Zayn, tell MaryAnn to call Ava’s parents and meet us at the hospital.”
“Harry! What happened?”
“Zayn, she got hit by a car. I don’t know what to do. It’s all my fault.”
“We’ll be there soon. I promise.”

I hung up. I squeezed Ava’s hand praying everything will turn alright. Everything had to turn alright.


We arrived at the hospital in no time. There, they took her to the emergency room. I pleaded to go in with them but they told me to wait outside. I leaned against the wall and sat down. I through my head in my hands and I started to cry. What did I do? It was all my fault! If I hadn’t gone to the dance, she wouldn’t be here.

“Harry!” I could hear Liam’s voice. I didn’t look up. They came up to me. “Harry, it’s going to be alright. It will.” Liam hugged me as I cried harder. Then I heard the voice I didn’t want to hear. Daniela. Ava’s mom. I didn’t want to face her now.

“Harry! She came up to me. I didn’t look up.

“I’m so sorry Daniela! I’m sorry it’s all my fault.”
“Harry, it’s okay! Everything is going to be alright! It’s not your fault. Where’s Ava?”
“I pointed at the door. “She’s in there.”

I couldn’t see her all night. Only Daniela and George, Ava’s dad, we’re aloud to go in. I couldn’t go in. The doctors didn’t let me. The boys and MaryAnn went home after a few hours. It was only in the morning I could go in. I went in and I saw Ava lying so perfectly on the bed. She was so beautiful. I went to the other side and sat and held her hand. I wasn’t going to let go of her hand. I wasn’t going to let go until she woke up. 

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