One Kiss Doesn't Change A Thing ~COMPLETE~

Harry used to be my best friend. Then, he went off auditioning for the X-Factor. After he was formed into the amazing-oh-so-popular One Direction, we didn't talk as much as we used to. I don't know why. I mean, Harry was my best friend, but I always, and still do, had a crush on him. Then, he left me, and our relationship started to fade away. I recently moved to the USA, and that was when Harry and I lost touch. I through all the things that we did together all in a box and tried to forget about it.
What happens when Harry and Ava meet one day unexpectedly?


25. Secrets Expressed


Ava’s POV

“No Ava, I love you more than a best friend.”


My heart stopped at those words. He loved me. He had a crush on me. He, Harry, my best friend, he… he had a crush on me. I don’t know how long I stayed their staring at his eyes, probably looking like I’ve seen a ghost or something.

“I-I’m sorry. I bet it was just a mistake. We should just stay as friends. It’s okay.” Harry said as he turned away.

I snapped back into reality.

“No Harry!”

He turned around and I could see he was about to cry. He was heartbroken.

“No, Harry, I um… You really love me.”

“Yeah.” He whispered and nodded.

I looked into his eyes. His green eyes sparkled behind his tears. I guess I started to cry to because Harry took his finger and wiped them the tears under my eyes away.
“Ava, why are you crying?” he whispered.

“I…” I hugged him.

“I love you too, Harry.”  I said while hugging him and I felt his arms squeeze me harder. After a few seconds, I said “Harry, you’re squeezing me.” he pulled away and started laughing.

“I’m sorry.”

“Haha its okay.”

“Um, Ava, I was wondering if you would, you know, be my girlfriend?”

I didn’t answer him. Instead, I crashed my lips against his.


Of course I’d be his girlfriend. Who wouldn’t?



Authors Note.

Hey guys! I know this is short, but I’m kind of having a writer’s block. So if you have any ideas on what happens next, (if you want there to be a sequel) tell me! if not, I don’t know what to put.


Thanks! J

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