Stole My Heart

~Tia Perez vowed never to fall in love. While running away from her school in Wolverhampton she bumps into the world famous Liam Payne. Literally. They become friends but Liam wants something more. Will he open her up to the idea of love?


3. Wolverhampton Sweethearts?

Liam and I were driving to Subway from the mall. After showing up with Liam at PAC Sun, we decided to get something to eat.

"Age?" he questioned.


"Nationality?" I brought up.

"Puerto Rican." I answered, looking up at the road.


"Don't need any." I frowned, thinking back on the good ole' days where Megan and I were unseperable.


"Never had one." I sighed. I simply don't need one. I have to think about the future, not about how hot a guy is.

"Oh." he stopped asking questions.

"So.. Liam. What about you? Why are you even talking to me? Hell, why are we even hanging out?" I wondered. Its a really good question. I'm just some girl he bumped into on the street, and now we're hanging out.

He turned into the parking lot. It was filled with cars. It's kind of surprising, subway is never crowded.

"It's Liam Payne!" someone screamed.

"Oh my god!" another screeched.

"What the hell?" I mummbled.

Some middle aged man walked up to us. "Who's this lovely young lady?" he started to take pictures of us with his camera.

"A friend." Liam stated.

"She's very pretty. Are you sure about that?"

"Yes!" I yelled. "Let's just get out of here."

"Sounds good to me." he replied. He held my hand and led me to the door.

*Next Day*

"Mi Hija. You're on the cover of London Star." my mum showed me the magazine. I gulped.

There was a picture of Liam and I.

The caption said... 'Wolverhampton Sweethearts?'
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