Stole My Heart

~Tia Perez vowed never to fall in love. While running away from her school in Wolverhampton she bumps into the world famous Liam Payne. Literally. They become friends but Liam wants something more. Will he open her up to the idea of love?


4. Just A Goodbye Kiss

"Tia!" the Asian cheerleader called, " You should sit with us at lunch!" I walked past her without even glancing her way. She followed, "Look. We feel really bad about what happened Friday."

"Whatever." I sighed. I walked past some other girls distinctly hearing their murmurs.

"So.. We'll save you a seat at lunch?" she asked hopefully. I smirked.

"No thanks. I don't affiliate myself with sluts." I turned away and walked to my first period class. The first class I have is AP English. When I walked into the classroom, all eyes were on me.

"She knows Liam Payne.. Like Personally." I heard another cheerleader whisper. "Tia! Sit next to me!" she pulled out the chair to the right of her.

"Sorry." I apologized, sitting next to Bryan Choi, the most unpopular boy in all of Wolverhampton Central High.

"Hey Bryan." I smiled.

".....H-hi." he stuttered.

The whole day went on like that. Every class someone tries to act as if they've known me forever but I'd ignore them and live life normally. I don't have time for people like them.

After 8th period, it was time to go home. I waited outside and sat on a bench. I texted:

FROM: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'Hey Liiiaaammm!'

"Tia..." a familiar voice said guiltily. "I'm really sorry. I was such a bitch.... I ditched you because Toby decided to ask me out.... It ruined our relationship! The other day, I wanted to stop them.. I-I was just afraid! You don't know how much power they have!"

I closed my eyes to picture the old Megan. Screamo loving, extremely shy, scene haired, hello kitty obsessed freak I shared all my secrets with. Maybe.. Things will be.. Back to normal.

When I opened my eyes I saw the new Megan Crest. The popular girl who wore too-much make up, had auburn hair, and dressed in provocative clothing.

"What I'm trying to say is.. I regret it all... Toby broke up with me." Good, I wanted to say. But... I feel sorry for her.

"..... At least you have the girls." I pointed out, messing with my cellphone's keyboard.

"They.. Kicked me out of the group." That's what you get, I wanted to scream. But... That would make me seem like the bad guy.

"Oh.. Well, we learn from our mistakes." I spoke, " What did I tell you about love?"

"You were right, okay! I just want my bestfriend back!"

I ran a hand through my hair. Truth is I WANT MY BESTFRIEND BACK TOO. It's just that.. I'm not sure if I can trust her.

"I'll call you later Meg- I mean Megan." I forced a smile upon my face.

"Alright." she sniffed before walking away. Wow.
My phone started to vibrate. It was a text from Liam. The text read:

TO: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'What's up?'

I replied with:

FROM: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'Just got out of school. My picture is EVERYWHERE.. And I never got to eat at Subway.'

TO: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'I'll pick u up.'

I dialled his number and waited for him to pick up.

"Liam.. You don't have to." I told him over the phone.

"No. I insist.. We're friends aren't we? I can't just let you walk six miles."

Friends.. "Yeah.. Okay... " I said. He hung up and I sat there.

Today... Was almost like a dream. People actually wanted to be my friend, Megan apoligized, and I don't have to walk six miles to get home.

A couple minutes later. Liam pulled up in front of the school. I opened the door and got inside.

"Hi..." It felt a tad bit awkward being in the car with him.


We stayed quiet until we arrived. "Bye." I unbuckled myself but Liam stopped me before I could get out. He kissed me, it was short and sweet. No. I pulled away and ran inside.

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