Stole My Heart

~Tia Perez vowed never to fall in love. While running away from her school in Wolverhampton she bumps into the world famous Liam Payne. Literally. They become friends but Liam wants something more. Will he open her up to the idea of love?


2. Jealous

The next day I woke up to the sound of my mums voice. " Tia!" she yelled from the hallway. I groaned as I sat up. I was sore everywhere. Yesterday, when Liam dropped me off mum almost had a panic attack. She rushed me to the hospital, where I got seven stitches. Two on my face and five on the rest of my body. "Tia Melinda!"

"Coming mum!" I screamed back. I got out of bed to open the door. I limped to the kitchen where she was seated. 

"Sit." she commanded.  I did as instructed. She looked me in the eyes. 
"How'd this happen?"

"I was putting make up on when these girls decided to gang up on me." I gulped. " Why? Did my baby steal their boyfriends?" She asked placing a hand on my cheek. "You're such a pretty girl, Mi Hija."

"Mum... Remember Megan?"

"Of course! How is she?" 

"We aren't friends anymore.. And some girls hate me.. Because I called them sluts." I explained.

" I never liked Megan." she balled her fists. " If your dad  wasn't stuck in Puerto Rico, she'd be gone."  They're always so over protective. It's nice to know they care.  

" If you have any more problems with her, tell me!" 
"Yes, mum." I sighed. Taking a sip of her coffee. I went back  into my room to change. I put on white skinny jeans, a neon green camisole, and a black blazer. I slid on my black five inch wedges then straightened my hair. After I covered some of my facial bruises with tan foundation. I looked so-so. It's a Saturday so I might just stay home. I laid down on my bed, staring at the the ceiling. What did I ever do wrong? People hate me now but in a couple of years they'd be wishing we were close. Especially Megan. I NEVER want to speak to her again.

I got up anplay thought of my revenge. I just needed someone to help me. I flipped open my phone and clicked on one of my contacts. LIAM PAYNE. 

From: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'Let's go somewhere.'

He replied with:

TO: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'Ok. Where?'

FROM: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'The mall.' 

I texted back.

TO: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'I'll pick you up in thirty?'

FROM: *~Tia Melinda Perez~*
'See you then.'

Megan works on Saturdays at PAC Sun. It's been like that since she first started. Once she sees me with Liam she'll feel JEALOUS. She was OBSESSED with One Direction when they first came out, and Liam was her favorite. 

I grabbed my Silver clutch off my nightstand then dropped my phone into it. I walked across the hallway to brush my teeth and wash my face.when I finished I waited for Liam outside. I sat on one of our cheap  patio chairs. My mum has spent hundreds of hours working, trying to put food on the table. It's not easy for any of us. Sometimes I think life would've been better if we stayed in Puerto Rico or maybe if we had gotten plane tickets to America instead.

I jumped as I heard someone honk their horn. I looked up and saw Liam in a completely different car. Ugh. One day I'll buy mum a car. For now well just have to walk or run in my case. 

I walked to the other side of his Mercedes and got in. It was way nicer than the van. Even though Liam is a pop star I still felt.. UNSAFE. We arrived about 7 minutes later. Neither of us had said a single word. I decided to break our silence:

"So.." I smiled. 

"What stores to you like to shop in?" he asked, taking the keys out of the slot. Truth is.. I don't really shop for clothes, I have to make them. 

"Uh. Anywhere, I guess." Anywhere? Really? I should have just said PAC SUN. That is where I aimed on going to first. 

He slid his sun glasses over his eyes when we walked into the building. Most likely because of fans. I personally think sun glasses don't do anything but you never know. All Megan did was cut and dye her hair, now she's Ms. Popular. 

We went into many stores I've never even heard of. Whenever he'd ask me questions I'd just smile and answer with yes or no's. This is actually harder than I thought it would be. 

One store in particular made me brighten up. I could see Megan's transformed face through the window. I tugged on his flannel shirt. 

"Ooh! Let's go to this store!" I took his hand as we walked to the entrance. Once we entered, I actually looked at their selection of clothing. To make things seem more coincidental, picked out a £10.00 Light Pink Maxi-Dress. Once we became first in line, I 'accidentally' knocked off Liam's sunglasses. 

Megan stood there with her mouth in the shape of an 'O'. 

"Jealous yet Meg?" 
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