Stole My Heart

~Tia Perez vowed never to fall in love. While running away from her school in Wolverhampton she bumps into the world famous Liam Payne. Literally. They become friends but Liam wants something more. Will he open her up to the idea of love?


9. A Wise Man Once Told Me To Forgive And Forget

"Click. Click. Click." The sound of my new stiletto heels hitting the ceramic floor echoed as I took each step. I walked alone in the hallway while other students attended class.

Mum called the office to inform them that she's picking me up early because of a dental appointment, but in reality my Aunt Celeste is driving us to London to pick up poppy at the airport.

I spotted Aunt Celeste's car once I set foot outside. Who wouldn't notice a three decade old car with a neon green paint job. The Latin music blaring from the speakers was also a great touch.


I turned around to see my fourteen year old cousin Kathleen.

"Kat? " I screamed in surprise. I haven't seen her in two years. Aunt Celeste and her father have split custody but they both decided on Kat staying with her father until Aunt Celeste becomes financially stable.

On our way to the car Kat filled me in on everything that has happened to her in the past two years. Apparently she failed a grade, dated seven boys, 'accidentally' dry humped a girl at homecoming, and met Louis Tomlinson.

Hehehe. She then asked me about my 'relationship' with CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater, Liam Payne, and homewrecker Megan Crest.

So.. I'm pretty popular then. As much as I wanted publicity this is attracting too much attention. I called Liam last night and told him we should meet up in London.

We got into the old vehicle and drove off. Within six hours that kiss might just fade away from my memory. A wise man once told me to forgive and forget.

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