Everything About You

~*Niall Horan fanfic*~

Bri always hated her little sister, Kristi. but one day Kristi would lead her to the love of her life, Niall Horan. But in order for their relationship to survive they must deal with the friendships, betrayal, drama, and suspense that lays ahead.

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5. Niall's Princess

~ Harry's P.O.V. ~

Niall came into my house with a smile on his face and Louis, well, Louis was his typical crazy self. They both walked over to the couch and plopped down next to me. Louis was starring at Niall with a expectant look in his eyes, while Niall was starring at nothing. i looked from Niall back to Louis but both of them were intent on looking at what ever they were looking at. Looked like I had to break the silence.

"So! What were you guys doing that made Niall freeze up like this?"  I asked facing Louis. Louis turned to me smiling.

"I think Niall"s got it bad!" He told me.

"Got what bad?" Louis rolled his eyes at me.

"Love, you dummy." he flicked me on the head before facing back to Niall.

"Pshh, so what if I do? If you ask me you were falling for her friend pretty bad!" Niall told Louis.

"Humph, was not." Louis said in a pouty voice, but you could tell he was lying.

"Looked like it from where i was standing!" Niall started to raise his voice.

"Ya? Well I think you might be blind!' Louis shot back.

This wasn't good. "WOAH! WOAH!" I yelled, breaking them apart. "Would you mind telling me exactly what you were doing today and who these two girls your talking about?" I said more calmly this time. Niall sat back down on the couch and Louis went to sit tin the chair.

"Well, Niall met this girllll." Louis said dragging the l. "He asked her out on a date and I tagged along." He said.

"Not that I wanted you to." Niall mumbled. I shot him a look and he shut up.

"Niall fell in love with her today and is now accusing me of falling for her friend." Louis finished. Louis's mobile rang on the couch and Louis went to grab it, but I was closer.

I took it off the couch and read the screen. New message from Cynda. I looked up at him and gave him a suspicious glance.

From Cynda: hey! me and Bri are having a comedy marathon tomorrow want to come?

I looked back up at Louis. "Accusing you of liking her, huh?" Louis blushed and I heard Niall laugh. I turned to look at Niall. "So you do like this girl.. uhh... Bri? Niall looked down at his lap and blushed.

"Ya." He replied. This was great! Niall might have finally found his princess!

~ Bri's P.O.V ~

Cynda had gone home and now I was bored out of my mind. I turned on the TV and put in a movie. I sat there watching twilight and realized I had watched it about a million times already. I sighed and turned it off. I looked around for my phone, practically tearing the house apart. I threw the cushions off the couch and tore the pillows off of the recliner. "Bri! What's going on in here?" My mom walked into the living room. "This is a mess! Bri, clean it up right now." I sighed and did as I was told.

Then I remembered. My phone was in Niall's car! Crap. How was I gonna get it back?

~ Niall's P.O.V. ~

I walked back to my car when I remembered I had left my wallet on the seat. I opened the door and started to look for it. Instead of my wallet I found Bri's phone. How would I get it back to her? I walked back to the house and knocked on Louis and Harry's door. I could here music coming from their room. Louis answered by yelling "COME IN!" I rolled my eyes then opened the door and saw Harry passed out on his bed while Louis was on his phone jamming out to a Justin Bieber song.

"What's up?" he asked. I held up Bri's phone for him to see.

"Bri left her phone in my car. Can you tell her friend?" I asked Louis.

"She has a name ya know." He told me.

"Sorry. Can you tell Cynda?" I repeated.

"Sure!" I waited as Louis texted Cynda, still dancing around the room and singing "Boyfriend"

Almost immediately he got a reply.

From Cynda: I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you dropped it off at her house

Louis showed me the message. Once I had nodded he turned his music back on and shoved me out of his room. I ran back to the car and put the keys in the ignition.

As i was driving to Bri's house, her phone vibrated in my pocket. i took it out and looked at it. New message from Mitchell: Hey sweetie! Whats up!

Who the heck was Mitchell. I couldn't help but feel jealousy. I felt awful. First for invading in on Bri's privacy and second because I felt hurt. I know I only just met her and all, but I really liked her. I thought she could be my princess.

~ Bri's P.O.V. ~

I sat on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and fuzzy pink pajamas. I was freezing! It was only just bright and sunny when I was playing outside with Cynda, Niall, and Louis! Now it was just a muddy lake out there. Rain had just started poring out of nowhere and I was stuck inside to watch movies.

I herd a knock on the door. Who the heck would be outside at this time! I run to the door too see who was idiotic enough to be outside. I look through the window and see a  blond figure and gasp in astonishment. I open the door and see Niall dripping wet. He looks up at me with hurt in his eyes. I look down at his hands and see my phone. What was going on?

"Niall! What in the world is wrong with you! You're going to get sick! Come in here right now!" I scolded him. He didn't move. "Niall, What's wrong?" I ask. He gave me my phone and  I looked down at the screen. From Mitchell: Hey sweetie! What's up!

I looked back up at him confused. "Bri, I really like you. When I saw that message I thought I would die. I thought you could've have been my princess but, apparently not. He went to turn away but I stopped him. I smiled at him. It was just to hard to hold in my laugh. I started cracking up. He looked at me half confused half angry. Once I had stopped laughing I explained to him.

"Niall, Mitchell is my brother!" He looked at me with his mouth wide open and eyes wide. This made me laugh even more.

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