Everything About You

~*Niall Horan fanfic*~

Bri always hated her little sister, Kristi. but one day Kristi would lead her to the love of her life, Niall Horan. But in order for their relationship to survive they must deal with the friendships, betrayal, drama, and suspense that lays ahead.

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4. Date with Niall... and Louis

~ Niall’s P.O.V. ~

When the door opened I looked up and saw two girls staring at us. I stepped away from Louis as fast as I could. I saw the two girls were laughing and I blushed shyly. Great, now Bri would think we were idiots. Without a doubt we were idiots, but I still didn’t want her to think that we were. I saw Bri laughing and thought about how cute she looked. How she held her stomach and threw her head back, her pretty teeth gleaming. I mentally sighed.

~ Louis’s P.O.V. ~

Yes! I made them laugh! That was always my plan. If they laugh it means they like you. I looked at the two girls in front of me and wondered which one was Bri. Niall led us all to his car and whispered something into who I assume was Bri’s ear. She smiled and yelled. “I call shot gun!” Niall laughed and got in driver’s seat.

“Darn it!” I screamed. “I wanted shot gun!” This made the other girl laugh and I smiled at her. “What is your name?” I asked.

“It’s Cynda” she smiled back.

“Well then, Cynda, looks like I am sitting in the back with you.” She smiled even more. Once we were all in, Niall started to drive away.

“So, where are we eating, Niall?” I asked to keep there from being an awkward silence.

“Well, I wanted to go to Nandos but apparently there isn't one near here, but I am still up for Mexican food. So, who want's to go to Taco Bell?” he asked.

“OO! OO! ME! I am!” I yelled enthusiastically. Everyone laughed.

“I guess we’re going to Taco Bell then!” he replied.

“YAY! Taco Bell!” I cheer.

We got out of the car and walked into Taco Bell. I saw Niall ask Bri what she wanted, so I did the same to Cynda. “What would you like, Cynda?”

“I’ll have a salad.” She replied.

“Are you sure, Love?”

“Ya, I’m a vegetarian.” She answered.

“O really! Do you like carrots?” I asked.

“Yup” she replied.

“I love carrots!” I told her. She just smiled.

“What would you like, sir?” the cashier asked me.

“2 salads and bag of carrots please!” Cynda smiled and I smiled back.

“Is that it?” the cashier asked.

“No. What would you like to drink, Love.” I turned back to Cynda.

“Just a water please.”

“OK! And 2 waters!” I said cheerfully. He gave us our food and I paid him. Then we met Niall and Bri at the table they had chosen.

~ Bri’s P.O.V. ~

I watched as Louis bought Cynda food. They looked so perfect together. She couldn’t stop laughing and he wouldn’t stop making her laugh. They looked so cute. Niall must have seen me watching because he coughed and asked me where I was from.  I turned back to Niall and smiled. “I’m from Arizona.”

“Arizona huh? What brought you to California?”

“O just family, What about you?”

“We’re on tour remember?” I had totally forgotten for a second that I was actually talking to someone famous.

“O ya.” Niall laughed. Cynda and Louis came over and sat next to us.

“So what are we talking about?” Louis asked.

“Nothing really.” I told him.

“Well then we will have to change that won’t we?” Louis said laughing.

~ Niall’s P.O.V. ~

Great. Now Louis is going to think I’m boring her. Why was she even looking at him and Cynda anyway? Did she like Louis more than me? I only just met her and she already likes one of my best mates more than me. What was wrong with me? I turned back to Bri and asked her another question. “Tell me about yourself?"

“Well I have an older brother and a little sister.” I laughed. “What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing it’s just I think your sister is something. I must say she is outgoing.” I smiled.

“Ya you could say that. She definitely likes to get in the way of things if you mean it that way.” Bri laughed. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw her laugh. She was just so beautiful.

~ Cynda’s P.O.V. ~

I still couldn’t believe that I was on a date with Louis Tomlinson. He was so funny and cute. As we ate, all he would do is tell jokes and make us laugh all the time. It was the most perfect date I could hope for. But once we had finished eating I realized that our time together was going to end soon. We walked back out to Niall’s car and got in the same seats as when we were driving here. In the car Louis and I exchanged numbers. A few minutes later my phone lit up. New message from Louis. I looked at him and laughed. “What? I was just making sure it worked!” he smiled at me.

He was so funny! And not a bit shy! I smiled at him and realized Niall and Bri weren’t even in the car anymore. I looked out the window and saw them already half way up the drive way. I pointed out the window and showed Louis. “It looks like we are being left behind!”

“Not for long!"  We raced out of the car. We ran passed them to the door. “Haha! Beat ya!” Louis yelled.

We laughed and waited for them to catch up. “That wasn’t fair!” Bri said laughing.

“Ya! I demand a rematch!” Niall came up behind her.

“Fine, from here to that palm tree?” I asked.

“Sure! I bet I will still beat you all!” Louis challenged.

"How much do you wanna bet?” Niall asked.

“Loser has to pay for lunch the next time we all go out again.” Louis challenged everyone.

“Deal!” everyone shouted.

Everyone got in line and waited for Louis to say go. I positioned myself to start running at any moment. I heard Louis say go and all I saw was a flash before my eyes and realized Bri was faster than I thought. I ran as fast as I could but she always stayed ahead. I didn’t even know where Louis and Niall were. I stopped when I reached the palm tree. I looked around and Niall came up after me. Everyone was already there except for Louis. He finally came up panting.

“What took you so long?” Niall asked laughing.

“I tripped over a rock!” Louis pouted. “I would have won if it wasn’t for that stupid rock.” We all laughed at his pouting face.

“Come on. We should go back.” Niall said. We started walking back. I walked next to Louis and talked to him.

“Did you really trip over a rock?” I asked.

“No, I ran to the wrong palm tree.” He said laughing. I smiled.

They dropped us of at Bri’s house then left. Me and Bri just sat on the couch and smiled. We looked at each other and laughed. We started to talk about how awesome the date was until my phone lit up. New message from Louis.

From Louis: Niall says i have to pay for lunch next time. he doesn't believe my rock story! I'm not a liar! :)

Bri read the screen over my shoulder. She looked at me. "Did he lie?" she asked.  i laughed and told her the story. We both laughed and reflected on what had happened that day.


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