Dare To Dream

Christina's always dreamed of being a famous singer. Her agent gets her an audition with one of the biggest Boy Bands of the Century, One Direction. They are looking for a girl to sing with them for their new love song. She goes to the audition expecting to be nervous, but she never expects to fall in love with one of the band members. She also didn't expect to get the part and have to move down to London with them for a few months. Get ready for drama and romance in my fanfic, Dare To Dream :)


12. You're in trouble...


(Liam’s POV)

“Would you like explaining this....” Zayn slid a tabloid across the counter to me. The headline read “The Mystery Girl finally revealed!” and the subtitle read “Going for a late night bus ride??” There were pictures of us laughing and having fun from the night before.

“Uhh.....” I didn’t know what to say to them.

“What happened to ‘ Taking the wrong bus?’” Harry asked.

“Simon’s gonna kill you....” Niall informed me.

“No he’s not!” just then, my phone rang.

“Who is it?” Zayn asked.

“...Simon...” I picked it up. “Hello?”

“Liam! Simon. How are you? Any new love interests? Oh wait, I can answer that on my own. Yes. Christina. It’s all over the tabloids.”

“Oh yeah.. About that..”

“Don’t say another word.”

“I’m sorry, I just..”

“It’s brilliant!” he said. I was confused.

“What do you mean?”

“You being with her! She’s doing the album with you, if you two date, it will make the album 10 times more popular! It’s settled. The next interview, you two will tell the world about your relationship.”

“WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH! That interview is next week! We’re not even going out yet! She doesn’t like me!”

“Make her like you. You have a week. I’ll check in with you. Bye.” he hung up before I could say anything else.

“So, did he kill you?!?” Niall asked eagerly. 

“Well, I’m still alive, so he didn’t kill me.”

“What’d he say?” Harry asked.

“He’s giving me until the next interview to make Christina fall in love with me so we can announce our ‘relationship’ to the world.”

“What relationship?!” Louis laughed.


“Why?” Harry asked.

“For the popularity for our next album...” I said felt my heart break.

“That’s harsh...” Zayn said.

“I really do like her.... I don’t want to hurt her...”

“Sorry mate. Can’t help you there.. Other than not telling her about it...” Niall said, taking a bite of his apple.

“Well I think we should start packing.. Niall’s mom’s expecting us tonight... The plane leaves in 2 hours.” Louis said. Just then, we heard pounds on the staircase. We all froze.

“Morning guys! So, what were you guys talking about before? I heard you from upstairs.”

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