Dare To Dream

Christina's always dreamed of being a famous singer. Her agent gets her an audition with one of the biggest Boy Bands of the Century, One Direction. They are looking for a girl to sing with them for their new love song. She goes to the audition expecting to be nervous, but she never expects to fall in love with one of the band members. She also didn't expect to get the part and have to move down to London with them for a few months. Get ready for drama and romance in my fanfic, Dare To Dream :)


15. Painful Memories


(Liam’s POV)

“Please get away from me!” she shouted. I held onto her tighter trying to comfort her.

“Why? I just got here!” Tye said, kind of sinister.

“I’m sorry but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” I said, standing up and putting my hand on Christina’s back. Eleanor was comforting her as tears started forming in her eyes.

“I’m afraid you’re not allowed to do that.” he snapped back.

“Liam, I’m taking Christina outside for some air.” El said and walked with her away from the table.

“We have the best security in the country, I’m sure as hell we’re allowed to do that.” Louis said to him.


(Zayn’s POV)

I saw Liam get tense and I saw him clench his fist. I stood up and grabbed his hand. “Don’t do it.” he released his clenched fist and walked over to Tye.

“I don’t care who you are, you don’t scare me.” Tye said. Liam reached him and now they were standing face to face, literally.

“You disgust me.” Liam spat out. 

“You must be some ass if Christina cringed at the sight of you.” Harry called out. 

“Paul.” I called. He stood up and walked over to Tye and Liam. Not another word was said, but Tye walked away.


(Eleanor’s POV)

“Calm down babe, it’s gonna be alright.” I said, stroking her back as she kneeled on the floor.

“No, it’s not, it’s not.” she said through her tears.

“Talk to me, tell me why you’re like this.”

“She took a deep breath and sat up, even though I could see it was painful for her.

“A few years ago, we dated.” she took a deep breath. “Everything a guy could do wrong in a relationship, he did. He cheated, he pressured me, and he abused me. Verbally and physically.” she choked out the words and it made my heart break. “He wouldn’t let me leave him. He would threaten me... he would threaten me and say that if I ever left, he would make my life a living hell. Every time I hung out with my friends or talked to another boy, he’d hurt me.” the tears were just falling dow her face, and mine. “It got to the point where I was scared to say anything. I told my family eventually, and we got him arrested. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail.”

“Babe.” I hugged her so tight. I couldn’t even imagine what it was like to be in that situation. I pulled away from the hug then she lifter her shirt slightly revealing 3 scars on her stomach. “He did that to you?”

She nodded. “I’ve never showed anyone except my family. I thought I’d never see him again. I don’t know what he’s doing here.... But when I heard his voice...” I stopped her with a hug, then Louis walked through the door of the restaurant. 

“You okay, love?”

“Lou....” I said. He looked at me with a worried face. Just then the rest of the boys came out of the restaurant, Liam first. He ran over to her and cradled  her in a hug. I hopped up and walked over to Louis.

“El, what’s wrong?”

“If that man ever comes near her again, we need to call the police.” I began to get angry.

“What happened?” I explained everything to him. As I told the story, I saw the anger on his face grow stronger. “That piece of trash. I need to tell the boys.”

“No.” I stopped him. “Let her tell them.” I began to breathe heavily. Louis pulled me into a hug. “I will never EVER do anything like that to you... EVER, you know that right?” I nodded. 

“I do.” Then I kissed him and we walked back to the boys and Christina.





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