Dare To Dream

Christina's always dreamed of being a famous singer. Her agent gets her an audition with one of the biggest Boy Bands of the Century, One Direction. They are looking for a girl to sing with them for their new love song. She goes to the audition expecting to be nervous, but she never expects to fall in love with one of the band members. She also didn't expect to get the part and have to move down to London with them for a few months. Get ready for drama and romance in my fanfic, Dare To Dream :)


13. Movie Night

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(Liam's POV)

"Uhh.." Harry said. I broke the awkward silence.

"what did you hear??"

" something about simon and a magazine... I don't know... Why?"

"no reason..." Louis said. 

"c'mon let's get ready, we have to leave for Ireland soon." I grabbed her hand and brought her upstairs, the boys followed. 

"how much should I pack?" she asked. 

"enough to last you the week.." the week.. Those words danced around in my head. As much as it killed me to do that to her, I had to. Who knows what Simon would do to me if I didn't. But what if she found out? Would she be upset. What if she hates me? 

"hey, Li-, you okay?" her voice broke me out of my worries.

"uh.. Yes love..."


(Christina's POV) 

He looked a little worried. I didn't know what to say next without annoying him so I just said, "okay..." we packed put bags and were off to pick up Eleanor.


It was 5:30 when we got to Mullingar. Niall’s mom greeted us and showed us to the dining room. Niall ran and sat down in the seat on the end, and without permission, he started layering things on his plate. 

"Niall James Horan!" his mother said.

"what mah?"

"wait for the others to start eating! It's not polite!" 

"sorry mum." he said innocently. We all sat down, said a prayer, then began to eat.

I sat next to Liam. He smiled as he saw me fill my plate to the rim. 

"what?" I laughed. 

"you can eat!"

"she's a keeper Liam!" Niall shouted while eating a rib.

I laughed and picked up a rib. 


Dinner went really well. Afterwards, we had an amazing dessert and went upstairs to go get ready for a movie night.


"alrighty lads, what movie will it be?" Liam asked looking through the large selection of DVDs. 

"I say we do a horror movie." Louis said as he put his arm around El. I froze.

"great idea mate!" Zayn said. Everyone agreed and Liam popped in "scream 4." he walked over to me and sat down, I was still in the same frozen position.

"you okay love?"

" no.. I'm extremely scared of horror movies..." I felt myself start to shake as the title came onto the screen.

"I'm sorry love, I had no idea. Come here." he said, cradling me in his arms. 


Most of the movie I spent with my head nestled into Liam’s chest. 


(Liam’s POV)

She buried her head into my chest as murder scenes appeared on the screen. I rubbed her back and patted her head. She was shaking like a Chihuahua. 

“Okay, it’s over.” I said, after the scene ended.

“Are you sure?” she asked, her voice muffled into my shirt.

“I’m sure, she just got stabbed in the neck from behind...”

“BLECH!” She screeched and sat back up. “Too much info Liam..”


We had the same routine when every “scary” scene ended; she’d hide in my chest, I’d inform her when it was over, she’d ask if I was sure, then I’d tell her exactly what just happened. I didn’t want her to miss anything. 

At the end of the night, we all walked upstairs to the guest rooms. There were 4 rooms, Niall’s and 3 guest rooms. Louis and Eleanor stayed in one, Harry, Zayn and Niall stayed in another, Christina took the one next to them, and I took the one across the hall from Louis and Eleanor. I walked Christina upstairs to her room and helped her get settled for bed.

“If you need anything, I’m right across the hall.” I said, standing in her doorway.

“Thanks,” She smiled. Her face was so perfect at that moment. Her cheeks were pink and lively, her smile was perfectly white and her eyes glistened under the lights on the ceiling. Her hair flew over her shoulders like a cascading waterfall of dark to light brown. I stood there and stared for a moment.

“What?” she giggled.

“Nah, nah.. Nothing..” I said with a smile.” ‘Night.”


I turned around and made my way across the hall and jumped into bed.


(Christina’s POV)

I tossed and turned in bed. I couldn’t go to sleep. Images of what I had just saw/heard about from the movie a few hours before kept popping up in my head. I forced myself to wake up and found that my face was hot and wet from tears. I slowly creeped into Liam’s room.

“Liam?” I whispered. He laid there quietly for a second then turned around towards me.

“Christina? Is everything okay? It’s 3am love.”

“I can’t sleep... Having nightmares..”

“Hop in..” He said, picking up the covers. I slid in and laid down on the pillow as he covered me with the blanket. “You know, it’s not really real blood right?” 

“I know... but still...”

“It’s pigs blood.”

“Ew Liam....”

“Night love.” he said. Then we both shut our eyes. It took me quite a while to actually fall asleep. I had probably tossed and turned so many times. I felt bad that I was probably waking Liam up. I guess he noticed I was having trouble sleeping because he wrapped his arms around me. After that, it wasn’t hard to go to sleep at all. I just fell asleep. In his arms. In Liam Payne’s arms. It was the greatest feeling in the world.

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