Dare To Dream

Christina's always dreamed of being a famous singer. Her agent gets her an audition with one of the biggest Boy Bands of the Century, One Direction. They are looking for a girl to sing with them for their new love song. She goes to the audition expecting to be nervous, but she never expects to fall in love with one of the band members. She also didn't expect to get the part and have to move down to London with them for a few months. Get ready for drama and romance in my fanfic, Dare To Dream :)


17. Morning!


(Christina’s POV)

I rustled around in bed for a while after I woke up. I was way too exhausted to get up. But, unfortunately, I had no choice. I had to pee sooooooo bad. I opened my eyes slowly. I wasn’t in Liam’s room. I was in the guest room Niall chose for me. I hadn’t slept in that room before. The bed was incredibly comfortable. The sheets were so soft and I think the pillows and mattress were from the temperpedic brand. I slumped out of bed and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Afterwards, I walked down the steps and into the white kitchen.

“HEYYY!” Niall shouted.

“How was your sleep?” Harry asked.

“Very comfortable, thank you Haz.”

“I picked out the pillow and mattress!” Zayn called from the table. He sat across from Eleanor and Louis. 

“I told Niall you’d like that room.” she said quietly.

“You’re really good with that because I love that room!” I walked over and gave her a hug and she smiled.

“She’s mine!” Louis shouted in my ear. I cringed. Everyone started laughing. Harry was laughing the most.

“Thank you Lou for making my EARDRUMS BLEED.” Everyone giggled and then I sat down at the counter. Liam and Haz were cooking.

“What’s in store for today?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Haz answered. “Liam won’t let us come...”

“I’m taking you out to actually see the city today, instead of just riding the bus around like back in England.” Liam responded.

“Aw Liam thank you!”  I walked over and gave him a hug. 

“Go get ready love, we don’t want to be late.”

“Be late for what??” 

“ You’ll see...” he said smiling. I ran upstairs to my room to get ready. As soon as I walked in I realized something on my bed. It was a soccer jersey, a pair of jeans, and matching sneakers. On top, there was a little note. “ Can’t wait to bring you to your first football game, oh sorry, “soccer” game. This might be the appropriate outfit to wear. xx ~Liam”


**Sorry its so short, I'll write another one later on :)

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