Dare To Dream

Christina's always dreamed of being a famous singer. Her agent gets her an audition with one of the biggest Boy Bands of the Century, One Direction. They are looking for a girl to sing with them for their new love song. She goes to the audition expecting to be nervous, but she never expects to fall in love with one of the band members. She also didn't expect to get the part and have to move down to London with them for a few months. Get ready for drama and romance in my fanfic, Dare To Dream :)


24. Epic Night Part 2

(Harry’s POV)

After me and Zayn closed all the blinds, we ran down to the basement to hide. Niall, Jess, Christina, Liam, Louis and El seemed to find a hiding spot. 

“Wow, that’s the worst this month...” Zayn mumbled under his breathe as he slouched down onto the old sofa. 

“Yeah mate....” I said, sitting down next to him. There grew an awkward silence. 

“We need to get ourselves some women....” he said. I laughed.

“We do....” I nodded. Then more awkward silence. I decided to break it, “Like now....”

“Yeah, let’s go.” he said almost immediately. We got up and snuck up the stairs and out the door to my car. 

“Where to?”

“Little club downtown..” I nodded then started backing out of the driveway.


When we got there, the place was packed. Security let us in through the back. We walked in and everyone was dancing. At first we were shy but then we walked all th way in and sat down at the bar. 

“Can I get you two anything?” the bartender asked.

“Uh just two Pepsi’s... thats it.” Zayn replied. I turned towards the dance floor and watched everyone dance. There was one girl dancing and laughing and talking to her friends. She caught my eye immediately. Her hair looked so soft and silky. It was red and long. I watched her and her friends turn and walk towards us. When our eyes met, her face turned from a smile to a ‘deer in the headlights.’ 

“Harry?” she asked worriedly.. Oh my gosh....

“Chelsea??” I walked over and gave her a hug. At the same time, Zayn turned around with the drinks.

“What are you doing here?!” He asked her.

“What about you?! You guys shouldn’t be out here! The Pap’s gonna find you guys again...”

“Ahh... you’ve heard..” I said. “Well what are you doing here in Ireland??”

“Visiting Family.” her eyes told that this was a lie.

“Sure... no really though...”

“Finee... Simon told me to keep an eye on you.... I was gonna stop by tomorrow morning to talk to you guys but I guess I don’t have to anymore.”

“What were you going to ‘check’ on?” Zayn asked taking a sip of his Pepsi. 

“Liam and Christina.” oh my gosh! I almost forgot about that....

“Oh my gosh! Honestly Chels, I forgot about that, and I think Liam did too.... He’s really falling for her... I think we shouldn’t tell him either...”

“I think you’re right...” she replied.

“Have a place to sleep?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Nope.. not yet. Just got here a few hours ago.” DING DING DING! Harry this is your shot... Ask her to stay with you guys... 

“Erm.. You can stay with us if you want... Christina and Eleanor are as well... I’m sure Niall won’t mind.”

‘Lemme call...” Zayn said, picking up his phone and Dialing Maura. “Hi Niall’s mum.. yes it’s Zayn... I.... I know, I’m sorry for leaving..... Harry’s here yes.....uhmm...We’re.. at a bakery... yeah.. We just met up with one of our stylists and they need a place to stay for a few days...Yea I promise.... She can stay with Harry....” I rolled my eyes at him and he mouthed to me ‘Don’t worry bro, I got this.’ “ Yep.. Okay... We’ll be home in 5 minutes.... thanks a bunch! Bye-bye.” He hung up the phone and put it in his pocket and stood there in front of us saying nothing.

“WELL??”I asked.

“Oh right.. she said sure but we have to go now...” and with that, we scurried to the back door with Chelsea and drove back to Niall’s house. When we got back, everyone was in their rooms; Christina with Liam, Lou with Eleanor, but Jess and Niall weren’t there... I let Chelsea stay in Christina’s room for the night and told her if she needed anything to just walk down the hall to my room. I gave her some of my shorts and a t-shirt then we were all off to bed.

(Louis’ POV)

Me and Eleanor decided to hide upstairs like Liam and Christina. We ran into my room and shut the door.

“How’d they find us? Was it my fault?” she asked innocently. 

“No! Of course not!” I said. “What do you wanna do for the rest of the night?” I asked, “It’s getting a little late...”

“I’m not tired! Let’s play games... Got any board games??”

“Hmm...” I thought of some games me and the guys have played the last time we stayed here. “I have the Game of Life, Clue, or a deck of cards... Take your pick.”

“Let’s play cards!” she said joyfully. “I’m a beast a BS.”

“BS it is then.” I walked over to my desk and and grabbed the deck of cards. We sat down on the bed and started playing. The game was getting intense then it started nearing an end.

“4 Aces..” she said with a mischievous face. 

“BS!” I whisper/shouted. She laughed then showed me her cards. She was right. “WHAT?! How is that possible?!’

“I’m just good like that.” we laughed for a little bit then decided to fall asleep. I heard some noise outside my room so I walked out to find Harry and Zayn.

“What’s up mates?”

“Just got back from a club.”

“Oh really?? What happened?!”

“We got two Pepsi’s and met Chelsea so she’s sleeping in Christina’s room for the night.” Harry responded.

“Wow Haz. Pickin’ up the ladies I see,” I joked. 

“Go to sleep Lou,” he laughed,.

  “I’ll see you guys in the morning. Hopefully the Pap’s will have calmed down by then.” I waved tp them then walked back into my room and shut the door.

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