me,myself,and love

jamie is a regular teenage girl with one direction infection just like her three best freinds kate alexand manda these best of freinds get torn apart by one direction or will it all there first true love or mabey not! this all comes together like a romance with all freinds with kids or will one not be so happy


1. my room

"manda get down her" my mom says "what mother" "clean your room" "ok" my room has everything and anything one direction if there was a contest  about one direction me and and my bffs  would tottaly win becauseare rooms are one direction mania  we go to every cocert every meet and greet anything to see them i got to kiss louis cause   i hurt my self with a pencil from jamie poking me at  meet and greet he kissed i got to hang out witth them cause they closed to get me a bandadeand they all actully kissed me jamie and kate fainted and alex kept here cool well not so much she got re aally excited and to shut her up she made out with zayne i just sat there with the boys and all of usuden el dani and big time rush walk in to were we are sitting and i like tottaly faint when jamie and kate woke  and see big time rush el and dani alex making out with zayne and me in  liams arms i did and woke up in kendalls place in logans arms on the couch i said what just happened some one pinch me so louis came up and pinched me i screamed and said ohh then he bit me and i screamed louis again rembering that they dont know me i saw every one therejamie in niall arms me now in harrys kate in kendalls and alex in zayns  it waa s a dream hen louis kisses me on the lips eleanor comes up and slaps him sighnal him out of the room to the hall prouble to make out or fight it was a dream it was harry kissed my forhead and said whats wrong love i said i just cant beleive im with one direction and big time rush and harry styles just kissed my forheaad i am never washing it again  why not love youll be getting a lot more i said what do you mean he said  alex is dating zayn and the sme withjamie and niall so well all be togethe more often and oh our parents are tight with james so yea we always hang ohh cool were you by any chnce tryning to be ameican with being like a tottlay cool surfer dude or some thin dude okk manda dont dont do that it is kinda freky and he kissed me  zayn took out his phone and recoded it put it on twitter saying harry and his girlyfreind our buzzed and we ansered tthem it was liam and louis saying oo haryy and manda sitting in a tree KISSING fist comes love then comes marriage and thenccome harry with a baby cariage hary said you guys know el and dani re now outside makin out with logan and james right they said yea and the sceamed dani elearnor and ran outside with plastic knives and kngdom music playing we both lauf\ghed and sat down and started to talk

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