your the only one [liam payne]

when 17 year old sammantha johns moved out of her parents house and on to her own. she met 5 unbalevable boys and fell in love with one of them. who could these 5 boys be.


8. Healing

Sammys POV "Samantha johns" a man said "yes" "you are free to go home but you still have to be careful with your arm and your leg plus stop getting hurt I don't want to see you agin ok sammanta" "ok" I say "umm where's my crutches" "here" says Liam handing me my cruches "OWWW" I scream "it hurts to use the cruches with my Brocken arm" "ok your going to have to use a wheelchair" says the docter "can you take care of her" "ya" says Liam as he helped me into the wheelchair. He leaned down and kissed me it was the most passionate kiss I've ever had, I sat there silently while Liam pushed me out of the hospital carying my cruches and bottles of pills he got to the car and helped me in. Liam's POV I helped her in the car and folding up her wheelchair and putting it in the along with her cruches, Medicine, and other crap she had to bring home. I got in the car and started to drive "I'm so sorry for the crash Sammy I feel so bad" I say "what's the point in apologizing I was told it was a drunk driver" she says "it was but I just fill bad and with your arm" I say but she doesn't reply and we just drive home the rest of the way in silence. We pull up to the house I get out and get her wheelchair, "do you need help rolling" I ask "no I want to try" "ok but be careful" I say back waving my finger at her "ok" she says rolling away into the house while I get her stuff "lyyuumm" she says " the wheelchair doesn't fit through the door way" great this is going to be a long 2-5 weeks
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