your the only one [liam payne]

when 17 year old sammantha johns moved out of her parents house and on to her own. she met 5 unbalevable boys and fell in love with one of them. who could these 5 boys be.


14. evan more healing

Sammys POV: Liam finally found me it was 5 days before he did find me, but i was safe in the hospital. "you ok sammy" liam asked walking in " i dont know i hurt" i reply "can i ask you a question" he said " ya any thing" i say " who was that with you" he asks concerned "that was summer McKague shes one of the peoples the Josh was tormenting" i say and liams calms down "now leave me alone" i skream causing him to jump "ok im out" he says i cant belive i just skreamed at him.


Liams POV:

    she screamed at me whey did she scream at me. I got out of her room and sat down " LIAMMMMM" i hear sammy yell  so i walked in to her room "what" I scream\say "woooh what did i do?"  She says while starting to cry " nothing sweety" I say siting down and hugging her

" Liam Payne? Liam is that you?" A voice comes out of know where I reconise that voice from somewhere. 

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