your the only one [liam payne]

when 17 year old sammantha johns moved out of her parents house and on to her own. she met 5 unbalevable boys and fell in love with one of them. who could these 5 boys be.


13. directioner to the rescue

Liams POV:

its been 2 days sence i have gotten back from the hospital and Sammy has been gone for 5 days i miss her so much i want her back i want to kiss her soft lips, we have done everything to find her but no luck. " Did you find her Zayn?" i ask after we get back from our search party the 4th one we have had "No do you have any clue where she went?" he askes " I have no clue but the blood trail goes down the stairs and a couple feet out the door then stops so she got loaded into a car" i say worried "wait, she menchined some one named Josh right" Zayn asked " ya and some thing about this happening before" i say " go online and search Josh and make sure he lives in london or around london also that he has been arested before" he says " ohhh theres a Josh Garff arested for holding a sammantha Jhons hostage and he live at 8773 mouse streat" i say " lets get zayn, perrie, harry, niall, louis, elonor, and any directioners you can rangle up" he says and we split up looking for those people and soon i have found louis, elonar, niall, and about 500 directioners.

Zayns POV:

we split up and i have found perrie, harry i have called the police and told them our plan and ranged up almot 1000 directioners plus their familys. "you know our plan right" liam says after we gathered everyboudy up and met at 8773 mouse streat "yaaaa" everyboudy else says at thev same time " lets go" liam and i scream and we brake down the door and storm in "I'll find Sammy" Liam screams over the noise. Some of the directionners,Louis and me find Josh and force him outside where the police arrest him and we go searching the house while searching the house we found 16 other girls being held hostage and 32 dead girls and we get all the hostages out and it takes 9 ambulences to get them all to the hospital.

Liams POV: I go searching in the house and i came across a room and inside there was Sammy and another girl and sammy was all beaten up was only wearing her underwhere and had brusise every where " Come here niall " i scream "what" he askes while runing in "you get the other girl and i'll get sammy" i say and pick up sammy.

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