your the only one [liam payne]

when 17 year old sammantha johns moved out of her parents house and on to her own. she met 5 unbalevable boys and fell in love with one of them. who could these 5 boys be.


3. beach

I got up and saw harry at my door then liam and zayn showed up do you want to come to the beach with us they asked all at once sure I say in a lame british acsent ok come over when your ready they say in a american acsent, i start laughing like an idiot. i get on a pink bakini and do my hair in a side braid. I head over to there flat but get stoped by liam he steps forward and wispers something in my ear but all i heard was i mmmmvvvvloooozzccla. i finshed walking to there door and i am about to knock but niall opens the door before i could knock. Oh, you lokk good he says with his adorable irish acsent thank you i say back to him, come in harry says poping up from behind niall. i go in and sit down on there couch by louis nialls right you do look good he says liams back zayn says come into there living room. a cople minutes later we walk out. In the car I sit next to liam and then its niall and in the front is zayn and louis. what were you ttrying to say to me in the i ask liam that i maaaay be i love with you he wispers in my ear this time much clearer. we arive at thebeach and everyone exept me and liam run into the water splashing eachother. I sit with liam up on the beach making a sand castle with him [ a few hours later] come on guys time to eat I shout to the boys niall of course is the first one up i handed out lunches to them than sat down with louis good sandwich he says swallowing. [ after everyones done eating] liam picked me up and trough me into the water with the boys following him. haha sammy your wet now he says taghtingly so are you i say pulling him into the water we spend about 3 more hours in the water playing around. ouch i say while rubbing my elbow what happend sammy say liam, louis, niall, zayn and harry helping me up I hit my elboew on a rock i say to the 5 worried faceis looking at me lets go louis says. we walk up to the car. [in the car] do you think I need to go to the docters i asked zayn ya i think we should cheak if your elbows ok he responds [at the docters] sammantha... johns the receptionest says we all stand up ok only one person can go back there with her she says, i chose im sorry liam i say to the boys he walks back there with me. the docter comes in "ok sammantha he says ya thats me i say to him come with me and we'll take an x-ray of your elbow" i walk with him to the x-ray room.[after the x-ray] i walk back to liam and smile to him[a few hours later] " sammantha you have a brocken elbow" "really" "ya" he wraped my elbow and sends me and liam back to the other boys. 

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