Is this real

you can see in the book


2. hey what who zayne NIALL

LOUIS put me down " "NO"  "you put my girl down louis pulled me into the water harry screamed as he did a shark came up behind me and bit louis  and he didnt scream but it bit me and i screamed i was bleeding and it was teeth marks human teeth marks as the 'shark' was leaving and i juymped on it it stood up and said oww it was niall and zayneand louisa was comin to pick me up and el slapped him told harry to come and pick me up since big time rush left me and harry have been dating like i saidhe picked me up sat in the sand with me  in his lap and we started to make out i had a feeling zayne was recording  it so i sat up saw zayne on his phone laughing andi ran after him he screamed and hid in the 'shark' costume i screamed ahh shark in ran into harrys arms and louis hit me and the ' shrak' and i said what was the for he said thought you were el why would you be hitting me cuase i want to make out okk then darling by guys were going home>3 dont make to much noise harry said like louis would say when when any of us went home early with no one homehe said am i really this annoying yes we all said in unison it was funny so we laghed i was thinking about going home too i saiud to harrt why would you want to go back to england nowharry said i was like stupid  kk girly wirly 

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