An Impossible Miracle

One woman, one dream, one Big heart. When a woman decides to start a family. Huge things take impact on her life that could make her dream almost impossible. God creates a miracle for Maria Valerie.


1. The beginning

Hi. I'm Maria Valerie. And earlier today I was looking at old pictures. And I found this one that really made me think of the story of how I'm here today. It was a picture of me, with my family, in the hospital. Here's the story of, pretty much when my life began...... It all started when one day I saw a commercial. "And so, in conclusion to today's news, don't smoke." the news lady said. Maria turned off the TV and made a comment "The news these days. All it is is junk. So you shouldn't smoke. I do. And look how fine I am!" Maria said to her best friend, Mike. Maria was a beautiful, young, 26 to be exact, tall woman. She always wore red lipstick that matched her pure green eyes perfectly. Her sleek light brown hair was always in a perfect pony tail. Which went with her usually worn business suits, she is a realstate agent, perfectly. She always wore the same black satin heels and never ever wore nail polish. Her motto is "If I'm not good at something, I don't do it." she never wore nail polish because she wasn't good at doing nails. Maria's best friend mike has been with her since Pre School. They have always been there for each other and they will be there for each other. Mike secretly had a crush on Maria, but he would never admit that.
Maria grabbed her black leather coach back, her coffee with three Splenda and exactly 2 spoon fulls of sugar in her black and white polka dotted coffee mug,her car keys with a special key chain that said "Imaganiation makes anything possible," and mike. They walked to Maria's dark gray volvo that was filled with bags and shoes Maria never bothered to bring inside because she was always going from party to party. They got in the car and Maria started it. "Did you ever realize all of your suits are way to big on you?" mike asked. "Hey it's not my fault." Maria protested. "Actually it kind of is considering all you eat is fruit, all you drink is coffee and water, and all you do is your job and yoga." mike snapped back reality to Maria. "I like to stay fit." Maria calmly replied with a soft, gentle voice. "Yeah but..." mike started but was interrupted by marias awful singing. "I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend. I'm lucky I have been where I have been. Come on mike! Do the melody I'll sing harmony." "To sing harmony you'd have to be able to sing." mike joked with a smile. "Oh shut up and sing!" Maria told mike. "We're lucky to have stayed where we have stayed. Lucky to be coming home some day." they sang in pitchy tunes all the way to where mike was being dropped off. "Alright so I'll pick you up from your bakery after work? Ok?" Maria double checked with mike. "sounds good!" mike said before Maria zoomed off to her next client. Mike loved his job but he barely made any money so he lived in an apartment with Maria. I know what you're thinking, awkward. But they're ok with it. I think.
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