My Irish Teddy Bear

This is one of my first Fan Fictions so its not that good but I thought I would upload it anyway. Its a Niall fanfiction. IMPORTANT: I am not from Ireland, I am from America so I don't know how some things work in Ireland... Im just go bye how it works here!(: Comment and tell me what ya think(:


3. The Text.

*Allie's P.O.V*

"Allie, Wake up!!" I hear my mum yelling. I look at the clock. Its 7:30am. Crap. I only have 30 minutes to get ready, eat and be at school by 8. I quickly shower and put my makeup on, then run downstairs and grab some breakfast. I check my phone while eating, 2 new text messages. I check the first one. "From Nialler: Good Morning! I'll see you tonight at 7 for my futball game right? But if you don't want to come, I understand.." "I'll be there!(:" I reply. I check the other message, "From: Coleman...: Hey beautiful, I'm sorry about yesterday, I was a jerk. Please forgive me?" I re-read the text multiple times. Is he being serious? He broke up with me over text yesterday and now he wants me back? "Allie, get going or your going to be late!" My mom says to me grabbing my plate and taking it to the sink. "Thanks mum! Love you. Bye." I yell walking out the house.

It was such a long day at school. Thursday has never been so slow. I sat with my friends Hannah and Jessica at lunch. I told them about Colemans text. "Well, you can do whatever but I don't think its a good idea. I mean sure, hes a nice guy, and hes hot. but like I told you yesterday after he broke up with you OVER TEXT, you can do better." Hannah says, making the over text part exaggerated. "I guess... Its just hard. I still kinda like him." I say. "Just remember how he broke up with you! I mean come on, over text? I'm almost positive thats a rule, Not to break up with a girl over text." Jessica says. "But he apologized.. that counts for something.. right?" I say. They both start laughing. "No!!! A guy should never do that!!!! I mean yes, it was nice he apologized but just no." Hannah says. "Yeah, you know Niall would never do that! You need a guy like Niall!" Jessica says. "Well there's only one Niall... and hes my BEST-FRIEND!!" I say exaggerating out the best-friend part. "Hey, you never know. But we gotta get to class come on." Hannah says picking up her trash and throwing it away. What did Hannah mean by you never know? Niall likes me? I like Niall? Do they think I like Niall? No? I don't... Hes my cute, nice, funny, best-friend. Yup. I run and catch up to them. "Do you guys think I like Niall?" I ask confused. "You talk about him alot. You hangout with him alot. You trust him more than you trusted Coleman... and Coleman was your boyfriend!" Jessica says. "Because hes my BEST-FRIEND." I say. "Best-friends can like each other!!" Hannah says. She had a point. But I don't like Niall...But why do my friends think I do? I hangout with them, I trust them, not as much as Niall. But Ive known Niall longer. "Who knows, maybe Niall likes you?" Jessica grins. I cant tell if shes joking or being serious. "Okay, class, sit down in your seats, lets get started.." The teacher says. I didn't pay attention to what Hannah and Jessica said. I just focused on school. 

I finally get home. "Mummm, I'm home!!" I yell walking in the front door. "In the kitchen!" She yells back. I walk in the kitchen, Mum is cutting up fruit and my little 7 year old sister, Taylor is sitting at the table eating a sandwhich. "How was school?" My mum asked. "Long..." I say grabbing some bread from the counter and some meat from the fridge. "I'm sorry sweety." She says hugging me. "Niall!!!" My Taylor yells getting up from her chair going to hug Niall. Hes still in his school clothes. (Kaki pants with a polo.) He looks so cute in his school uniform. "Hey little T!" Niall says hugging Taylor. "Can I have a sandwhich?" He asks walking next to me. "Fine." I say handing him my sandwhich. He smiles. "Hey Mrs. Cape." Niall says hugging my mom. We are all very close, our parents have been friends forever. and so have Niall and I. Niall just makes himself at home whenever he comes over here. "Hey Niall! How was school?" She asks hugging him back. "It was school." Niall says going sitting down at the table. I go sit next to him. "So what brings you over here with your uniform still on? Usually your out of that thing as soon as you can be." I laugh. "Well... I went home to change but before I even got inside, Greg walked out and said my parents are fighting, I didn't want to deal with that, so I just got back in my car and drove over here." Niall explains. "I'm sorry Nialler... " I say. "It's okay." Niall says taking a bite of his sandwhich.

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