My Irish Teddy Bear

This is one of my first Fan Fictions so its not that good but I thought I would upload it anyway. Its a Niall fanfiction. IMPORTANT: I am not from Ireland, I am from America so I don't know how some things work in Ireland... Im just go bye how it works here!(: Comment and tell me what ya think(:


5. Sunglasses.

A/N: This is a very short chapter. I know. and So is the next one, But chapter 7 is intense.

*Allie's P.O.V*

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. I turn over in my bed and turn off my alarm clock. It's 7am. Ugh. I hate mornings. I check my phone. 2 missed calls. 3 New Text messages. All from Niall. I immediately call him back. "Hey! It's Niall!" Niall answers. "You called?" I say. "Can I come over? My parents are fighting..." He asks sad. "Yeah." I say.

Niall is over within 7 minutes. He lives like 2 blocks away from me. "Niall, you do know we have school in 45 minutes!" I say eating my waffle. "I'm not going..." Niall says quietly. "What? Why?" I ask shocked. "I'm tired of all this drama. I just want to get out of Mullingar!" He says. "Me too but we just cant leave." I say. "Why not?" Niall asks. "Because your parents already have enough to fight about!! You don't want them to start fighting about you? Do you?" I say raising my voice. "Fine." Niall says mad. "Good. Now eat, we have school soon." I say taking another bite of my waffle.

"Can you take me to school?" I ask. "Yeah sure. Whats wrong with your car?" Niall asks. "Nothing... just don't feel like driving!" I laugh. "Okay, well lehhgoo!" Niall says laughing. "Will you also pick me up from school?" I ask. "Yeah!" Niall laughs.

The school day is like any other.  I'm waiting in the pick up line waiting for Niall. I see his car and open his trunk and put my backpack in. "We should go get ice cream!!" I say excitedly then walk up to the passenger seat. "Niall, why are you wearing sunglasses?" I ask. He doesn't answer. "Niall, you do know its cloudy and its raining outside, right?" I ask. "Yes." He says. "Niall." I say sternly. "Allie." He says mocking me. "What's going on?" I ask.

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