My Irish Teddy Bear

This is one of my first Fan Fictions so its not that good but I thought I would upload it anyway. Its a Niall fanfiction. IMPORTANT: I am not from Ireland, I am from America so I don't know how some things work in Ireland... Im just go bye how it works here!(: Comment and tell me what ya think(:


2. Nandos!

Allies P.O.V.

Niall continues to hold and saying it will all be okay. He started humming to the song "Those Nights" by Skillet that started playing on my iPod. It was one of my favorite songs because it described mine and Nialls relationship. After the song, Niall lets me cry for about 10 more minutes, "Lets go rent a movie and get some food. You can choose the movie and what food. I will pay." Niall says. He helps me and wipes the mascara off from under my eyes with his shirt, "Where to?" he asks. "Nandos!" I say. Niall pulls his keys out of his pocket and we make our way downstairs. "Mom, I'm going to Nialls!" I yell. "Be home at a decent hour. You have school tomorrow." My mom yells back.

Nialls P.O.V.

I decided a movie and food would be a good way to get Coleman off Allies mind. We drive to Nandos and pick up some chicken and then drive to a Redbox to get a movie. She picks out her favorite movie. Thor. We drive back to my house to watch it and eat. We walk in my house, and my parents are fighting... again. Allie and I go straight to my room. "Sorry about my parents" I say. "Why are you sorry? I should be the one saying im sorry.." Allie says. "Has it been getting worse?" She asks. "Yeah...." I say putting the movie in. We both go sit on my bed and eat Nandos and watch Thor. Allie ends up falling asleep on my shoulder halfway through the movie. "Why cant she be mine?" I say to myself. Honestly, Ive liked Allie for a while now..since grade 1 to be exact... but shes been dating Coleman... and before she was dating Coleman, I was to scared to tell her, I liked her, plus I don't want to ruin our friendship.. so Ive kept my feelings to myself.  I watch the rest of the movie and then wake her up. "Babe, its 11. We gotta get you home." I say. "Okay." She says yawning. I pull her out of the bed. "How long was I asleep?" She asks. "You fell asleep about halfway through the movie." I say slightly laughing. "Oh sorry..." She says. "Its okay, You've had a rough day." I say hugging her. "Thanks Niall." She says. "For what?" I ask confused. "For being the best-friend ever. You always know how to cheer me up." She says hugging me back and kissing my cheek. 'No, need to thank me." I say. "But your welcome." Then I drive her home.

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