My Irish Teddy Bear

This is one of my first Fan Fictions so its not that good but I thought I would upload it anyway. Its a Niall fanfiction. IMPORTANT: I am not from Ireland, I am from America so I don't know how some things work in Ireland... Im just go bye how it works here!(: Comment and tell me what ya think(:


6. Lets Talk.

*Niall's P.O.V*

The drive to the ice-cream shop was quiet... I never answered Allie's question.... I know sooner or later she will find out but I choose later.

We get to the ice-cream, I unbuckle my seat belt and go to open my door. "Stop." Allie says grabbing my other arm. "What?" I ask. "We are not getting out of this car until you tell me whats going on." Allie says mad. "Lets just go get ice-cream..." I say. "No Niall." Allie says gripping my arm tighter. I pull off my sunglasses. "Niall!!!! What happened!?" Allie gasps. "Nothing..." I say. "Niall, this is NOT nothing." She says touching my black eye. I flinch. "Ouch." I say. "Sorry..." She says. "Can we please just go get some ice-cream now?" I ask. "No, buckle up. We're going home." She says letting go of my arm.

We get to my house and get some ice and sit on my couch. "So what happened?" Allie asks. "Like I said earlier, nothing." I say trying to brush it off. She gives me a glare. "I got in a fight." I mumble. "A what? A fight? With who? What happened?" She asks worried. "Well.. um... hmm.. it was after lunch.. during rec time... we had futball practice.. and yeah." I say nervous. "And?" She asks. "Um.. Coleman came over to me with one of his friends... and they started talking crap about you.. and I got mad... I threw my futball at them... Coleman pushed me. I pushed back. He punched me. Coach came over right before I punched him..." I say slowly and quietly with my head down." Allie grabs my hand and holds it. "I dont know what to say..." She says. "Thank you?" I laugh. "Thank you!" She smiles and kisses my cheek. "Allie... Can I be honest with you?" I ask. "Of course Niall!" She says. "Good, well, okay.. I um li-" I start to say  before my mum walks in the house. "Your princepal called. What were you thinking? Getting into fights? Niall, this isnt like you!" She says going off at me. Allie squeezes my hand. "I'll be going... Sorry Maura. It was nice seeing you," Allie says. "Oh Allie! I'm sorry! Im just frustrated. I shouldnt have yelled at Niall in front of you. See you later sweety." She says hugging Allie. Allie walks to the door. She motions for me to call her later. I nod. "Mum, its okay." I say as soon as she leaves. "Your suspended!!! Next year!!! Since, Monday is your last day, they cant do anything but suspend you from school next year." She says. "I'll go to school with Allie. Not that big of deal mum. Coleman was suspended too." I say. "Why Niall Why?" She sighs sitting on the couch next to me. "Can I got to my room now?" I ask. "Yeah... your dad will want to talk to you later. Actaully, we both would like to talk to you." My mum says. "Great." I say saracasticly.

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