My Irish Teddy Bear

This is one of my first Fan Fictions so its not that good but I thought I would upload it anyway. Its a Niall fanfiction. IMPORTANT: I am not from Ireland, I am from America so I don't know how some things work in Ireland... Im just go bye how it works here!(: Comment and tell me what ya think(:


4. Futball Game

*Niall's P.O.V*

"Ready to go? I still have to get my uniform on..and the game starts in 15 minutes." I say to Allie as we sit on the couch with her little sister Taylor watching tv. "Oh yeah, mum, I'm going to Niall's futball game!" She yells getting up. "Bye! Good luck Niall!" Taylor says hugging me. "Thanks Taylor!" I say hugging her back. Allie and I both walk out the door to my car and drive to my house. I change into my uniform while Allie talks with my parents in the living room. "Ready?" I ask walking to the living room."Yup!" She smiles. "Good Luck!" My parents say. "Thank you!" I smile.

We get in the car and start driving to the futball fields. "Niall, I know I have told you so many times, but your a really good singer." Allie says. My face gets red. She has told me multiple times that I'm a great singer. "Thanks." I smile. "Like your parents say, you should sign up for the x-factor!" She says. "Yeah, maybe, I don't know.." I say. I don't think I'm that good. I think I'm a good singer but not that good. I don't know, people keep telling me I should. But I just don't think I have the "X-Factor". "You should. Oh, guess who texted me this morning?" Allie says pulling out her phone. "Who?" I ask. "Coleman." She says nervously. "What did he say?" I ask nervously. "Hello Beautiful. I'm sorry about yesterday. I was a jerk. Please forgive me?"  Allie says. I grip the steering wheel. "Allie, you cant go back with him. He was a jerk and saying I'm sorry doesn't make up for him breaking up with you over text!!!!" I say getting angry. "I know... I talked with Hannah and Jessica earlier and they talked me out of it. I haven't even replied to him." She says. "Good." I say relieved. I pull up to a park spot and Allie and I get out of the car. We start walking on the field. "Hey Love!" Coleman says running up behind Allie and I. He is soon in front of us. We stop. "I'm sorry about yesterday. I was stupid Coleman says to Allie. "That's great and all and yes, you were, but we aren't getting back together." Allie says. "Come on babe." Coleman says trying to hold Allies hand. She steps back and I step in front of her. "She says its over." I say sternly. "This isn't your conversation." Coleman says mad. "It is now." I say. "Move. Let me talk to Allie." Coleman says moving closer to me. "Make me." I say mad. "You want me to?" Coleman asks. "Niall." Allie says scared grabbing my hand. She pulls me back. "Aw, you need Allie to protect you?" Coleman mocks me. "Shut up Coleman." Allie says.  My coach walks over. "Is everything okay over here? We have a game to play. You boys need to go warm up." My coach says, then walks away. "Stay away from MY girl." I say walking off still holding Allie's hand. It felt so right holding her hand. "Niall, I think I should go home.." Allie says shyly letting go of my hand. "Okay... Bye.." I say quietly. She hugs me tight. "Good luck!" She whispers. "Thanks!" I say hugging her then running onto the field.

*Allie's P.O.V*

I called my mum to come pick me up. "Everything okay Allie?" My mum asks as we drive home. "Yeah. Just tired." I say.

We get home and I go straight to my room. I sit on my bed taking in everything that happened tonight... I was glad Niall was there. He made me feel protected. Like nothing could hurt me. And the way he hugged me after, it felt different. I felt safe. And the way he called me his girl, it felt so.... right.

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