Remember Me...(One Direction fanfic)

My name is Gracie Mcbride.I am 18 years old,and i have blonde hair and dark brown eyes.I live in a small town in California with my two bestfriends Nadia and Hannah.I have the same dream as any other teenage girl.To meet One Direction Unlike the other girls,i actually meet them.Will i end up really falling for one of them?Or will it just be a summer fling?Read and find out!xx


1. Oh my're 1D!

My name is Gracie Mcbride,and i live in California.I just need to get away.

Away from my problems.

Away from my worries.

Away from Him.

So i decided to take a summer trip to London with my besties Nadia and Hannah."Get the fuck up Gracie!"Hannah said as she jumped on my bed."ughh wake me up in a few more minutes,"i say while i put my blanket over my head.Just then i felt the covers being yanked off my body."Fine"i managed to say before falling out of bed.I took a shower and put on a light coat of makeup, Mascara and Foundation. I put on some black skinny jeans and a 1D shirt.My mom drove us to the airport and we met up with Nadia."You girls ready?" Nadia said looking a bit nervous."Ready as i'll ever be,"i say.

                            We boarded the plane and all three of us fell asleep.I woke to the voise of the flight attendent being boomed over the speakers."We will be landing in about 5 minutes,thank you for flying Air London."I quikly woke up Hannah who was sitting next to me, and i kicked the seat in front of us which was where Nadia was sitting and she moaned."The fuck man,"Nadia said quietly so she wouldnt wake the young girl sitting next to her."we're here,i say while pressing my face up against the window.I was breath-taken by the sight and full of of excitment.We got off the plane and just as we were making our way to the luggage area i heard a sharp scream and about 15 teenage girls ran past me.I was trampelled by the girls but in seconds i was helped up by Nadia and Hannah.I looked over to where the screaming girls ran to and i saw a huge croud.It was someone famous deffinatly but i honestly didnt care because i had a major headake.When we finally made it to the luggage area it was just my luck that someone had the same suitcase as me.i reached for one and read the tag on it."Property of Niall Horan"i was in a state of shock but i quikly put it back.I grabbed the one next to it and read the tag just to be sure it was mine.Just as i thought,it was.I started walking off when i accidentaly run into someone.

                             (Nialls Pov):I tried breaking through the croud but it was no use.Paul was also trying along with the others.Man these girls were strong.When security finally got the girls off us i went over to the luggage area when i saw this girl pick up my suitcase.I was about to step in and grab it from her so she wouldn't run off with it,but all she did was put it back.Apparently she had the same suit case as me because she grabbed another one just like it.I was about to go talk to her but being my clumsy self i run into her."Sorry!"she said while getting up.I can tell she was american by her voise."Its okay,love"i say to her while giving her a hand.She looks up and it looked like she was about to pass out."You-your- N-niall Horan."She says.Thank god she didnt yell,or i would be dead."Yeah..."i say to her.Just then two girls came up to her and asked if she was ok.Then Harry,Liam,Zayn,and Louis come up behind me and did the same.As soon as the two girls saw us they pulled out a camera and asked for a picture.

                          (Nadia's Pov):I asked for a picture and they agreed.I couldnt beilive that standing right there was One Direction.

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