Remember Me...(One Direction fanfic)

My name is Gracie Mcbride.I am 18 years old,and i have blonde hair and dark brown eyes.I live in a small town in California with my two bestfriends Nadia and Hannah.I have the same dream as any other teenage girl.To meet One Direction Unlike the other girls,i actually meet them.Will i end up really falling for one of them?Or will it just be a summer fling?Read and find out!xx


2. isn't she lovely

(Gracies Pov):I stood there in shock,not even noticing there was someone waving a hand in front of me."Yoo hoo Gracie,you there?"Hannah was saying to me."Ugh yeah sorry,"i say embarrased."Here you go love's,"Niall says while handing Nadia the autographed photo."Thank you so much!"Nadia said blushing."Picture time!"Hannah said while giving a random guy the camera."1...2...3,Cheese!Right when the man said cheese Niall kissed my cheek.I tried not to blush but i couldnt help it,he was my favorite.I took the camera from the man and said thank you.In the picture i was being kissed on the cheek by Niall,Hannah was on Louis back,and Nadia was being kissed on both cheeks by Zayn and Harry and Liam just smiled,ha.We all laughed."I suppose you girls arnt from around here?"Zayn asked mostly looking at Nadia."Yeah we're from California"I said a little to soon after he said it."How long are you guys here?"Niall asked."All summer!"Hannah said excitingly."Speaking about staying here,do you guys know where the Hampton hotel is?"i ask.The boys all start laughing while me and the girls shared confused expressions."Thats where we are staying,"Louis says smiling."Well i guess we will see you around,"I say while pulling Nadia and Hannah away.This was just a plan,i really wanted them to keep talking and hanging out with us so im just leading them on right now."Where are you girls going?"Niall said slightly grabbing my hand.Bingo."Getting a cab"ivsay."Dont worry,we'll take you"he says."thanks!"Hannah and Nadia both say in unison.

                  (Niall's Pov):Shit.This isnt good.I think im starting to fall for Gracie.Hard.She's just so...beautiful.I really dont want her to get mobbed by Papperazis if we start dating.We get to the limo and i saw the girls mouths drop.We got in and i sit next to Gracie.She smiled at me then looked out the window.God i love her smile.When we pulled up to the hotel there was mobs of fans outside.The girls already knew what to do.They pulled out some sunglasses and put there hoods on.Smart girls.Gracie gave me a thumbs up that they were ready.We walked out the limo and the noise was unbearable.I grabbed onto Gracie so she wouldnt be eaten alive by the fans."Whos she?"one of the fans yelled."She so ugly,you can do better!"another said.Man theses girls are rude.Dont get me wrong i love our fans its just that they sometimes tend to get out of contorol.Without security i'd be dead.When we finally got inside the hotel the girls took off there disquises.

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