Remember Me...(One Direction fanfic)

My name is Gracie Mcbride.I am 18 years old,and i have blonde hair and dark brown eyes.I live in a small town in California with my two bestfriends Nadia and Hannah.I have the same dream as any other teenage girl.To meet One Direction Unlike the other girls,i actually meet them.Will i end up really falling for one of them?Or will it just be a summer fling?Read and find out!xx


3. Coincidence

(Gracies Pov):"How do you guys live with that?"Nadia said in more of a demand than a question."You get used to it"Zayn says looking out the window to all the screaming fans.At first i was thinking that their fans are crazy but then i remembered...i was one of them before."I better go get the room keys"Hannah says.

(Hannahs Pov):"Welcome to the Hampton hotel how may i help you?" They lady said from the front desk. She looked around my age...weird."Uh i have reservations"i say looking at one of the check in lists. Suddenly the lady grabbed the collar of my shirt forcing me to look at her."Stay away from Louis,you here me?"She says tightening her grip. "Hes mine" She says spitting in my face.Gross."I-uh-. Before i knew it i felt hands grab onto my waist and saw security guards taking the desk lady away. I'm still trying to comprehend what just happend."Are you okay,love?"I here a british accent say to me.I turn around to Louis with a concernd look on his face."I-i just wanted my room keys."for some reason i found the whole situation funny,but also creepy."But yeah, im fine"i say smiling. He gives me a cheeky grin and yells,"You're lucky Superman was here!" I lauged and playfully punched his sholder."Ouch!"he yells rubbing his shoulder."Awwe im sorry boo bear,"i say hugging him."Kiss it,"he says like a 5 year old. I giggle and make my way to kissing his shoulder.He's so adorible.I was about 1 inch away from his shoulder when he grabbed my chin and smashed his lips onto mine.At first i was startled but then i started kissing him back and wrapping my arms around his neck. This moment was perf-"Will you guys stop snogging and get the room keys for christ sakes!"Nadia yells.I hear Louis groan before going back to the desk to get the room keys.By now they person at the desk was a tall man.Louis comes back with a smile on his face."Whats wrong with you?" i say nudging him."I dont know,you tell me "Room-Mate".What a coincidence.

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