Not You, But Him

When Leah goes to Doncaster with her friend Erica for a few weeks she runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson. Louis finds himself falling in love with her as soon as they lock eyes on each other. Niall Horan finds himself falling in love with her the same day as Louis. Eric was her ex boyfriend that Leah broke up with a year ago. Once Eric tracks her down, What will happen to Leah? Louis finds himself in a drastic situation. He tries to save her but ends up being captured as well. Will she get saved? Will he kill Louis and Niall? If anyone has ideas tell me and please leave a comment about if you like it so I know if I need to improve or dial it down


16. Wedding

(Leah's POV)
The wedding was in a couple of hours and me and Louis were getting ready. I picked a white dress with a few little sewed flowers on the left shoulder and the back was just a little puffy. He went with the casual black tux. Louis came behind me.

"You look great babe." He complimented.

"Not too bad yourself Louis." I replied.

"Well we should go. It's going to take a while to get there."


It wasn't far way, we spent a couple of hours getting ready. We got into his car a d drove to the church. When we arrived we went to our places and you know, stuff like that. The preacher dude said the words I've been waiting for.

"You may kiss the bride."

We kissed and everyone there was happy for us and we did our thing. Then after we went home and the boys came with us. I was so happy! We celebrated for a while then they decided to leave.

"Come on." Louis said, I followed.

We went into our bedroom and he closed and locked the door.

"Why'd you lock the door?"

"Are you ready?" I see where he's going with this...

(Louis' POV)
I was ready, and I hoped she was too. I loved her so much and I wanted to prove it.

"Yes I'm ready." She replied with a smile on her lips.

I laid her on the bed and started kissing her, then I think you know what happened next.
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