Not You, But Him

When Leah goes to Doncaster with her friend Erica for a few weeks she runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson. Louis finds himself falling in love with her as soon as they lock eyes on each other. Niall Horan finds himself falling in love with her the same day as Louis. Eric was her ex boyfriend that Leah broke up with a year ago. Once Eric tracks her down, What will happen to Leah? Louis finds himself in a drastic situation. He tries to save her but ends up being captured as well. Will she get saved? Will he kill Louis and Niall? If anyone has ideas tell me and please leave a comment about if you like it so I know if I need to improve or dial it down


15. The Proposal

(Niall's POV)
Louis wanted us to come over to their flat to decorate for her birthday. She is going to turn twenty-one. Louis said he had something special planned for her. None of us know what it is. We finally arrived at their flat.

We knock and Leah answers the door.

"Hey guys! I haven't seen you for a while!"

"Yeah, we're here to help Louis with some computer problems." I put on a fake smile.

"Well cone in!" She guestured for us to come in.

We all walked in. Liam said he would get Danielle to take Leah shopping. Soon enough there was a knock on the door. I answered it.

"Hey Niall, I'm here to get Leah."

"Hey Dani, she's right here." I turned and called her name. "Leah!"

"Yeah Niall?!" She came running.

"Go with Danielle to the mall."


She grabbs her jacket and walks to Dani's car and they drive off. I walk back inside and help the boys decorate.

(Leah's POV)
I was totally confused. Niall just wanted me to go out. Does he not want me around anymore? I hope not, we've been friends for like forever. We arrived at the mall and shopped for about two hours, until Dani got a text.

"Let's go back to your flat." She suggested. We paid for the clothes and drove to my flat. When we got there no lights were on. We walked in and it was pitch black. I turned on the lights and the boys jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE!" I jumped back in shock and smiled. I hugged them.

"Thank you guys but you didn't have to do this."

"Actually we did. We have something else planned for you."

Right after that we did presents. Liam handed me his. I opened it and he got me a t-shirt that said "I love British people". I thanked him and hugged him. Next is Niall. He got me am iPod speaker for music. I did the same to him as I did to Liam. I did the same to Zayn and Harry. Zayn got me some roses and Harry got me a necklace that had the word 'friend' on it. Harry had the other half with the word 'best' on his key ring.

"I have a very special present for you." Said Louis with a wide grin. He grabbed something out of his back pocket and knelt down. He held his hands out covering up the thing he got out of his pocket.

"Leah Savannah Webb, will you do the honor of being my wife?" He asked while opening the box. It had a diamond ring in it. I was tearing up and was speachless. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I settled on a nod. He jumped up and put the ring on my finger. He kissed me passionately and I kissed back.

The boys groaned while we kissed. We stopped and hugged.

"Thank you Louis." I whispered in his ear.

"Your welcome." He whispered back into my hair. I just can't believe he proposed. I've been waiting for him to ask. I loved him so much, now I love him as much as Niall loves food twice.
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