Not You, But Him

When Leah goes to Doncaster with her friend Erica for a few weeks she runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson. Louis finds himself falling in love with her as soon as they lock eyes on each other. Niall Horan finds himself falling in love with her the same day as Louis. Eric was her ex boyfriend that Leah broke up with a year ago. Once Eric tracks her down, What will happen to Leah? Louis finds himself in a drastic situation. He tries to save her but ends up being captured as well. Will she get saved? Will he kill Louis and Niall? If anyone has ideas tell me and please leave a comment about if you like it so I know if I need to improve or dial it down


9. Just A Nightmare

(Note: before starting the nightmare started when Leah went to bed. She fell asleep and the nightmare started by the tape over her moth and going out the window. Just thought I would clear it up.)
(Leah's POV)
"Ah!!!" I yelled as I fell off of the bed hitting my head on the floor. I hurt myself pretty bad apparently because I felt dizzy. I heard running up the stairs.

(Louis' POV)
I was in the living room watching TV and I hear a thump from upstairs where Leah might be. I run up the stairs and into her room.
"Leah! What happened?" I yelled. I was worried.

"I had a nightmare, woke up and fell off the bed."

Okay I was now confused. I had absolutly no clue as to why she fell out of bed.

"Okay?" I said as she got up with her hand on her head.

"Louis I'm sorry for the things I have already put you through."

"Don't be. I'd do anything for you. You're the love of my life." I said. "Do you need ice Leah?"

"I don't know. I'll just lay in here for a while."

"Okay. I'll bring you some aspirin."

"Thanks Lou."

I walked out of the room to get her some aspirin.

(Leah's POV)
I was laying in the bed with my headphones in my ears(after the aspirin and headache...). A One Direction song came on. I listened to it and hummed a little. I turned off my iPod music and all and just thought for a minute. I'm so lucky to date Louis but he's to good for me.

I soon felt the spot beside me sink. I turned my head to see a smiling Louis. Man his overbite was so cute! He moved over closer to me and put his arm around my waist while I put my head on his shoulder. He started to hum what I think was Look After You by The Fray. Soon he grabbed my iPod and played the karaoke version of that song. I still had my head on his shoulder. He quietly sang the song making me fall asleep on his shoulder. Love him.

About an hour or two later I woke up with Louis beside me awake as well. There was a small silence until he broke it.

"What was your nightmare about love?"

"Uh I don't know how to put it."

"Just tell me the main part."

"I was kidnapped by Eric and his brother Stan and they also kidnapped you and Niall as well. He started raping me and everything like that. Then after I was saved by you guys after you and Niall were freed, I found out that uh he made me pregnant and everything."

"Wow that's terrible. Hope it never happens in real life."

"Me neither."

It was around nine o'clock and me and Louis were just chatting. Soon he gets a smile on his face.

"What are you thinking about Louis?"

"We it."


"Because,We're old enough."

"I don't know Louis. I don't think I'm ready."

"Okay let's just go to sleep."


"Can I sleep here tonight?"

"Yeah. Sure."

I fell asleep on his chest to the sound of his heart beat. It was so steady. Maybe we could someday.
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