Not You, But Him

When Leah goes to Doncaster with her friend Erica for a few weeks she runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson. Louis finds himself falling in love with her as soon as they lock eyes on each other. Niall Horan finds himself falling in love with her the same day as Louis. Eric was her ex boyfriend that Leah broke up with a year ago. Once Eric tracks her down, What will happen to Leah? Louis finds himself in a drastic situation. He tries to save her but ends up being captured as well. Will she get saved? Will he kill Louis and Niall? If anyone has ideas tell me and please leave a comment about if you like it so I know if I need to improve or dial it down


17. Having To Leave And He's Back?!

(Louis' POV)
I can't believe it. We have to go on tour tomorrow. And what's worse? Leah doesn't know. She's going to think untried to keep it from her when I just got informed about it. I leave my bedroom and join Leah eating breakfast.

"Hi Lou."

"Hey Leah." I said in a depressed tone.

"You sound depressed. What's wrong?"

"I have to go on your tomorrow, and I just found out."

"I'll help you pack after breakfast. How long does it last?"

"A month."

"It's fine. I love you but I don't have to be with you ALL the time. Maybe I could hang out with El while your gone."

"Okay let's pack now."


We go upstairs and pack my things. I had LOTS and I mean LOTS of clothes. When we got it packed I sat down on the bed and stared at the wall, thinking of what could happen to her. Then I saw it was time for me to sleep so I fell asleep.


I woke up and grabbed my things. I drove straight to the airport. I left a note for Leah telling her I was leaving for the airport. I got onto the plane and started talking to the boys.

(Leah's POV)
I woke up and saw a note on my forehead. Classic Louis. I read it and it said he left early for the airport. I made breakfast and watched TV while eating it. Around 2pm I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and saw that it dad?! He used to abuse me so my mother left him.

"Hey girl. I'm back." He said.

"Don't call me girl. Leave!"

"I don't think so." He slapped my face so hard I fell.


He grabbed me and carried me to his car. He tossed me in the back seat and drove to his house. When we got there he threw me inside, literally, and started beating me. Later he tried to take me jeans off. No no no no no no no. He then...well you know. It hurt like fire burns. When he stopped he got dressed and left me there to cry in pain. I got a call from Louis. I answered.

"Hey Louis." I said in a weak tone.

"Leah, are you okay? You don't sound okay."

"I'm not okay. My dad found me and he beat me and just stopped raping me."

"What?! Should I come back and look for you?!"

"No Louis. I know how to get out of here and when to get put of here."

"Look I shouldn't have left you alone."

"It's fine Louis. I'll live. Or at least ill tr- oh I gotta go!"

"Wh-" I hung up. My dad was there watching me. He grabbed my phone and threw it at the wall making it break. Then I turned my head back to him.

"Who were you talking too?"

"My friend."

"Did you tell your friend where you were?"

"No because he's in America. And I don't know the address."

"Listen tell anyone and I'll kill you."

"Okay sorry."

He didn't answer. Just raped me again. And again and again and again after that. I was sure I had too many spermatozoa cells in me. He wouldn't stop. The last time before leaving me alone for the night lasted about five hours. Goodbye Louis, I'll miss you.
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