Not You, But Him

When Leah goes to Doncaster with her friend Erica for a few weeks she runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson. Louis finds himself falling in love with her as soon as they lock eyes on each other. Niall Horan finds himself falling in love with her the same day as Louis. Eric was her ex boyfriend that Leah broke up with a year ago. Once Eric tracks her down, What will happen to Leah? Louis finds himself in a drastic situation. He tries to save her but ends up being captured as well. Will she get saved? Will he kill Louis and Niall? If anyone has ideas tell me and please leave a comment about if you like it so I know if I need to improve or dial it down


5. Burning Question To Ask

(Leah's POV)
I woke up the next morning on Louis' shoulder. I saw he was asleep so I stayed still for awhile. He put his arm around me. I thought he was asleep? Whatever he is still adorable and sweet. I didn't know what I was thinking but I put my arm around him and laid my head on his chest.


"Yeah Leah?"

"I think I should go."

"No don't will you stay with me?"

"All my clothes and stuff is in our hotel room. I can't stay in just these."

"Then I'll drive you then."

"No ill just walk, oh I'm in pajamas. I'll go change."

I walked to the washroom to change into my regular clothes. When I came out of the washroom I walked back into the living room to see Louis watching some movie. I quietly walked behind him and scared him. He jumped up and grabbed my waist. He carried me to his car and drive me back to the hotel room.

"Get your stuff and ill be waiting."

"Wait I ment to ask you what do you mean by stay?"

"Live with me."

"What?! We only met! Why?"

" I LOVE YOU LEAH! I WANT YOU IN MY LIFE!" He smacked his mouth.

"Oh sorry Louis I'll tell Erica and my mom and grab my stuff."

"Okay I'll be waiting."

I grabbed my stuff and left a note. But I wanted my mom to know Louis actually wants me to live with him so I brought it outside with me for him to sign his special signature. I went back inside to lay it on the table. The note read: "Hi mom and Erica, after staying the night Louis said he loved me and he wanted me to live with him. I couldn't refuse because I don't want to hurt his feelings. And to prove he said so here's his signature. Love you guys, Leah."

He got my stuff inside the car and we drive back to his place. I can't beleive I'm living with Louis now. It just came so fast. He told me he loved me so I should tell him I love him.



"I love you too. I didn't want to tell you because I thought you would think I was weird or something."

"I would never think your weird and its great to know you love me too."

"Thanks Louis."

"Leah will you be my girlfriend?"

It came so sudden but I didn't care. I loved him for who he is. Not because he's famous. I was definantly going to say yes but I couldn't speak of amazement.

(Louis' POV)
I asked her out. I can't believe I asked get out. She is going to think I'm weird. Well lets hope not. It was a burning question I just had to ask.

(Leah's POV)
"Yes Louis. I'll be your girlfriend"

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