The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


39. thirty nine

As I jumped on the highway, my phone started beeping. It was a text from Harry. I pulled over on the side of the road to read it. No way was I going to get in a car crash like my adopted sister did. ‘Babe, what is all this about you and Austin Mahone? I know paparazzi are liars so I am giving you the benefit of the doubt,’ the text read. ‘You hit the nail on the head.Paparazzi,’ I replied. I started back on the road when my phone started ringing. I had that cool thing where your phone is played through the car through Bluetooth. “Hey, Harry,” I said looking at the caller idea name. “Hey babe, are you in the car?” he asked. “Yes why?” I asked confusedly. “Get out!” Harry yelled. “What do you mean?” I started “GET OUT OF THE FREAKING CAR NOW! I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE TO JUMP OUT THE DOOR AND HAVE THE CAR GO STRAIGHT AND EXPLODE I WILL BUY YOU A NEW ONE! GET OUT OF THE FREAKING CAR NOW!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs. I turned the wheel to pull over when I heard a gunshot from behind me. I opened the car door and tucked and rolled as jumped out ofthe still moving car. I hit the hard road as the cars flew past me. Now cut and bruised up, I quickly run to the grass area of the highway and start run away from my car which was now in the bushes. I ran from my life knowing that my car was about to explode any second now.

I kept running and running and I did feel the fire from the explosion however I wasn’t in it. I survived! Barely! But I couldn’t celebrate for long. I felt hands on grasp my arm and pull me into the woods.They pulled both of my hands behind my back as they placed a gag over my mouth. I reached for my gun in my back pocket when I saw it on the street. Great…. I stepped on the man’s toes. He didn’t flitch. I kicked anywhere and everywhere behind me. He didn’t flitch but rather laughed at me.“Don’t struggle, babe, or it will be worst,” a deep low voice said. I didn’t recognize it. It was creepy but not as creepy as the stalker man’s voice. I couldn’t even see this man’s face. All I could feel was his tight grip on my arms. He pulled me deeper and deeper into the woods until he reached a red old barn with hay surrounding it. On the outside of the barn, I saw a boy with brown hair tied up to the side of the barn. He had a gag around his mouth too. Oh my goodness! It was Liam?? Next thing I knew. I hit the grass past out.  Next time I know, I am tied up next to Liam and no one is around us. I pulled the gag off my mouth using my tongue. I was pretty calm in circumstances.  "what no twitcam?" I questioned sarcastically. "actually, we are on right now," Liam responded pulling the gag off his face too. I laughed. "serious?" I questioned still laughing. "ya, say hi," Liam said pointing to his phone. "they hate me anyway," I mumbled looking down . "no they don't," Liam insisted. "I would say look at my car but it blew up," I said calmly. "Come on, not everyone does," Liam encouraged. I held his phone beep a lot. He looked down at it reading the comments. His eyes widened as he read then. He was shocked by what people were saying. "they..." he started. "ya.." I agreed. "I can't believe that they hate you so much," Liam responded. "I know. I will just have to get over it," I mentioned. "it's good that things like that don't bug you," Liam said. "I am more concerned about Malena. She gets bugged by that a lot," I added. "I see," Liam agreed.

 "anyway what are you doing here?" I asked Liam thinking he should be back in London. "let me turn this off first," Liam said turning off his phone. "ok now start talking," I demanded. "you see, I am here to protect you," Liam answered. "but I am suppose to protect you?" I questioned. "no I am suppose to protect you," Liam informed. "why?" I questioned confused. Just then I heard rustling in the bushes.

I cringed back up hoping that it wasn't the killer. I had some more confidence when I had a gun with me. I recognized the person. Oh crud. I cringed back more. It was the trucker man who checked me out at the airport. "I didnt know you were checking out you next victim," I mentioned. "he check you out? Harry must have not liked that," Liam questioned looking directly at my face. I nodded. That was when it hit me. How did Harry know about this dude??? He was the one after all who told me to jump out of the car.. " Liam, how did Harry know..?" I started in a hushed tone. But the man interrupted me saying, "you asked why he was protecting you??" "ya, I did but I didn't get a responce.." I started but he interrupted me again. "it's because you are the special one. That's why all these people have been after you. You are the center of all their plans," he explained. I am the special one??? No.. That can't be. Again it hit me. I wasn't the special one. He said that all his plans revolted all around the special one and yet they all failed. If I was the special one, their plans would have worked but none of them did. I wouldn't dare tell him that though. I didn't want his evil plans to work. 

"are ready to die?" the man asked. "can I at least get a name?" I questioned confidently. "it's Jackson and why?" the man answered. "because I am going to need a name for when you get arrested," I responded winking and smiling. "a little cocky considering I am the one with the gun," Jackson mentioned. "cocky? I call it confidence," I answered.  Liam looked at me confused. "what is that supposed to mean?" Jackson asked confused as Liam. "you will see," I said reassuringly. He just looked at me. "what are you doing?" Liam asked me. I heard a rumbling in the bushes.  "I will check on it. Don't move," Jackson said walking into the forest. "no duh. I can't move even if I wanted too," i muttered. "what are talking about?"  Liam questioned.  "you always trick  an  enemy even if you know you are about to fall," I taught winking. "i have a lot to learn don't I?" Liam joked. I smile and nodded. Then I realized something. I have my phone on me! "what are you doing?" Liam asked seeing me jumping up and down on the seat I was tied to. "I am trying to butt dial Malena!" I exclaimed. "good luck with that," Liam mentioned. "success!!!" I shouted as it started to ring. 'I'm sorry but this number is not allowed to call this number. You have been banned from calling this person.' the operator said. "what??? No! Don't tell me that! I ban you!!" I screamed at the phone. "I don't think it can hear you," Liam mentioned. "shut up!" I shouted at him. "ok. I can see you are tense and all but you don't have to let it out on me," Liam stated. "Malena's mom banned me from hanging out with her. It looks like and my mom is upset at me and just so much more," I added. "I know. Just relax and it will be fine. Try calling someone else," Liam said. Just them the guy came back with a curly haired boy in his hands. It was Harry. 


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