The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


44. fourty four!

When the door opened, I gulped. A shiver went up my back. I saw Demi in a bathtub full of blood. Her own blood. I cringed. Someone I actually knew was in Malena’s tub dead. I guess she wasn’t trying to murder us after all. I looked at the body quickly and realized that she was killed recently. Like now. Someone in this house had murdered her. But who?  I shut the door quickly and grabbed Malena’s arm. It was time to play a game of Seven minutes in Heaven but my version. I run into the living room with Malena still in my grip. “Ok everyone let’s play Seven Minutes in Heaven,” I suggested. “I hate that game. All you do is sit around and…” Lauren started. “Shut up. We are going to play,” I demanded. “Ok then,” she responded. We all sat around the dining room table. “Place something in the hat,” I instructed. “What hat?” Louis questioned. “Niall give me your hat.. Thanks,” I said grabbing it from his head. “I guess that hat,” Louis mumbled. “Ok, what should I put in?” Malena started to question. “This,” I said grabbing a bracelet from her wrist. “In a hurry there?” Zayn questioned. “No time,” I stated. “I still can’t believe we are playing a game when..” Malena started. “ALALLALALALALA!” I shouted. “I think your girlfriend is cray cray,” Louis muttered to Harry. Harry just made a face at my craziness. It was for a purpose of course but if I think about it I did sound crazy.

            “Ok everything put something in. Good,” I said quickly. I grabbed the hat and picked out something from it. It was a pen. “Whose this?” I questioned. “Mine,” Harry said standing up. “Ooo love birds,” everyone cheered. “Come on Harry,” I said grabbing his arm and walking into the closet. “I’ll set the clock,” Liam stated as I shut the door behind me. “So what’s up babe? Clearly you are not acting yourself,” Harry started. “Just because you are my boyfriend doesn’t mean that you aren’t guilty,” I started. “Guilty of what?” Harry questioned. “Guilty of murder,” I started. “I would never kill someone,” Harry said appalled that I would ever blame him. “Look, I don’t think you did it but I need to talk to everyone. It’s a part of regulation,” I mentioned. “I understand. Who died anyway?” Harry asked. “Demi,” I whispered. “So I guess she isn’t trying to kill us after all,” Harry whispered back. “No, but whoever killed her is the real killer. She was just blamed for it,” I stated. “But who would do something like that?” Harry asked. “I don’t know but I do know that I need to speak with the others and fast,” I responded. I opened the door and walked out. Harry was still on my suspect list but he didn’t need to know that. For all I know, my boyfriend could be a murder and a liar.

            “Umm that wasn’t seven minutes,” Liam started. “Shut up. It’s house rules,” I stated. He just looked at me. “Did the two love birds make out?” Malena questioned in a babish tone. I ignored her. I picked up the hat from the table and picked out the next thing. It was the bracelet I put in for Malena. “Come on Malena,” I insisted walking back over to the closet. “Um…. I don’t think you can take two turns,” Niall started. “House rules,” I responded. “This isn’t even your house!” Malena screamed at me. “Ok calm your brows,” I said place my hand out as if I was saying stop. Before anything else could be said, I felt cold heavy hand on my shoulders. A chill went through my body.  

            I was too afraid to turn around. Everyone looking behind me was shaking in fear. Was this the end for me? The thing/person shoved me forward into Harry’s arms. I turned around to see that it was my American stalker. “What do you want?” I shouted at it as I trembled in fear. “You,” he muttered. I stood there and gulped. “You killed Demi?” Malena shouted at him bravely. “Demi is dead?” Niall asked. Harry, Malena, and I nodded. “Yes, I did,” he admitted. I peered at his hand with had a bloody knife in it. I licked my lips and jumped back a little. I heard another deep scary voice behind me. Oh crap. It was my British stalker too. 

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