The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


19. Chapter nineteen

 “You are a great guy and I am sure you will make someone very happy someday,” I finished. “So does that mean you are choosing me?” Harry asked eagerly. I turned toward him nodding and smiling. “I’m sorry Liam,” I added turning back around to him. “It’s fine. You’re right. One day, I will find the right girl,” Liam pointed out fake smiling. I smiled. It was hard to break the news to someone so nice yet it had to be done. “Let’s tell the others,” Harry insisted. “Ok but I am not calling you Hazza. Harry will do just fine,” I responded smiling and winking. Laughter filled the room. “Ok let’s go,” Liam mentioned. Surprisingly he was taking this well but that was really good too.

We all piled into Harry’s car and we drive back to the trailer. When we get there, we see that Louis, Eleanor, Malena, and Zayn were all sitting on the couch watching a horror movie and Zayn’s arm was wrapped around Malena’s nervous body while Niall and Lauren are in the kitchen getting something to eat.  “Hey, so who did you pick?”Lauren asked as I opened the door. “ME!” Harry exclaimed. “Sorry, Liam,” Harry added after realizing what he said. “It’s fine. I will get over it,” Liam mentioned. “So I’m glad it all got worked out,” Malena added. “Ya me too,” I muttered. Just then there was a knocking on our door.

“I guess I will get it since everyone is too lazy!” I exclaimed walking to the door. I walked to the door and opened it. To my surprise it was Demi Lovato. “Demi?” I questioned. “Ya I am coming to see Niall,” Demi responded pushing me away and walking into the room. “Demi Lovato?” Niall questioned walking over to her. “I decided I should take you up on that offer,” Demi mentioned smiling. “Excuse me? He is mine,” Lauren interrupted jumping in front of Niall. “Um.. he told me he was single just the other day,” Demi responded rudely. “Niall?” Lauren questioned looking him. “Umm. You see I didn’t think she would actually come,” Niall answered scratching his head. Lauren groans and walked out of the trailer.

                                 “Niall, so does this mean that we are dating?” Demi asked nonchalantly. “I will talk to her,” I stated ignoring Demi’s comment. I walked out of the trailer to follow Lauren. I walked behind the trailer to see Lauren just standing there. She was just staring ahead. I walked up to her and asked her as I shook her, “What is going on?” I turned and looked to see who she was staring at. 

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