The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


9. Chapter 9

 I woke up early the next morning  (like 5) probably because I wasn’t use to this time change and all. Lauren and Malena were up too so I KNEW it was the time change. “That’s odd we are up early,” Malena mentioned. “Indeed,” I said in a phony British accent. Lauren and Malena shook their heads as if they were ashamed of me. “So what do you want to do?” Lauren asked. “Make trouble!” Malena suggested. “You guys are tards,” I added. “What did we do?” Malena questioned shrugging. “You know I don’t like doing that sort of stuff and I don’t want to be left alone either,” I mentioned. “Well bye,” Lauren mentioned laughing and opening the door. They should really get a security system for that. I mean people could seek in here like us. Malena followed her shutting the door behind her.

                     “So you up already?” Lucy questioned. “Nope, I’m sleep walking,” I responded sarcastically. She rolls her eyes and mentioned, “you know who is against us right?” “No who?” I asked. “Managing. The creeper told us. Managing apparently wants us to either ‘disappear’ or break up with them and when we refused to break up with them, the creeper can out,” Lucy informed. “So is that why Courtney left?” I asked. “Ya. I am I going to leave too. Right now,” Lucy added. “Why haven’t you told anybody?” I questioned. “We aren’t suppose too but since I am leaving this morning anyway, it doesn’t matter,” Lucy mentioned. “I see. That’s why you are up so early,” I responded. She nodded and said, “Bye!” Just as she walked out Lauren and Malena ran in shutting the door quickly behind them. They were coughing their breath so I could tell that they were being chased previously. “You troublemakers,” I muttered. They smile locking the door. “Time for food!” Lauren shouted. I’m surprised no one else woke up but it was early. We got some breakfast.


                      “So Lauren,” I started swallowing  a bit of pancake. “What?” Lauren questioned. “I found out some news about the ladies’ disappearance,” I mentioned. “Ya what about?” Malena jumped in. Suddenly, warm arm around my shoulder. Lauren and Malena were smiling knowing who it was. I turned my head quickly around to see who it was. “Hey Liam,” I greeted. “Hey, Makie. What you guys eating?” Liam mentioned. “Food,” Malena answered for me. “Well no dip Sherlock,” Lauren commented rudely. “Pancakes,” I finally answered. “So I guess it is just you guys and me up,” Liam added sitting next to me. “Well Lucy was up too but she… um.. left,” I stuttered. “Lucy left?” I heard a voice behind me say. I turn around to see it was Harry. “Ya she said that she… um… was breaking up with you and stuff. She said that it would be easier to just leave then break up with you face to face,” I explained.

                     Malena’s face lit up as she was happy to hear this news. “I see. I hope she is ok,” Harry muttered. “You know, it’s odd. Niall’s and Harry’s girlfriends broke up with them after the disappearance. I wonder why,” Liam mentioned. “Makie you were there; you should know,” Malena said. Oh great! Thanks Malena. I now have to tell you something I am not suppose to say. “Well um.. you know.. maybe they just got creeped out and stuff. Like the dude didn’t tell me much,” I responded thinking it through. Before they could respond, there was a knocking on the door. “I got it!” I shouted. “Good because I wasn’t going to get up anyway,” Lauren mentioned. I smile and shake my head slightly as I walk to the front door and open it. Seriously, they don’t have a security system. No alarm or anything. Just a lock. Do they realize that people are out there trying to kill them? Anyway, I see a man with blue skin like a smurf and pink hair like bubble gum. 

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