The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


7. Chapter 7

                      A shadow appeared on the blood covered wall as the figure walked up the steps. Every step he took shook the ground. A black tall slender figure stood before me. He didn’t ever come too close to me but rather keep his distances. I don’t know why but he did. He had a black coat covering his whole body so that you couldn’t even see one inch of skin on him. Even though the room was dark and dim, it was like he lit up the room which didn’t make any seem since he was darker than the room. It was a living contrast. His deep voice flowed slowly out of his mouth saying, “It is nice to see you.” The way he said it didn’t make me feel comfortable at all but rather more terrified and shook me. “He never ever speaks,” Samuel muttered to me. My eyes grew wider and wider. Maybe he wasn’t going to kill me but rather torture me. At this point my whole body is shaking. His powerful voice spoke again to me, “I have been waiting for you for a long time now.” I was shaking even more partly because of his voice and the other part out of sheer terror.

                     I wanted to speak back to it so badly but I couldn’t. Nothing flowed out of my mouth. Just air. I couldn’t even scream……. “What do you want from her?” Samuel shouted for me. His deep evil laugh filled the room. Suddenly, I see a shiny metal object. It was dark in the room so I couldn’t tell what it was. I squinted to get a better look. I wish I hadn’t though. The creepy man had a freaking knife in his hands and was walking toward me with it upright!

                     I shut my eyes and squealed. Suddenly I feel that my feet are free. I open my eyes and see that the creeper had cut my feet free. “Come with me,” the man demanded still as deep and creepy as before. “What are you doing?” I questioned. “You got luck. Come with me,” he demanded again. Samuel’s eyes turned to a grayish color. He was even more surprised and creeped out than I was. The man never touched me so I followed him closely even though everything in my body was telling me to turn back around and run. He stepped down the stairs and every single stair he stepped on boomed and shook. I saw that the stairs were covered in bugs and beetles of all sorts. I stopped. I hate bugs. “Come down!” The man yelled at me. I was more afraid of him than of the bugs so I ran down the steps as fast as I could. Unfortunately, the bugs were the least of my worries. When I reached the bottom, that is when my whole body shook and I gulped. The room down there was full of dead blood covered corpse. Knifes and all sorts of weapons filled the walls. I breathed deeply trying to relax myself but it was no use. Nothing could get me over this. I was permanently scarred for life.

                     I peered to the side and saw all five ladies still alive trapped in a cage filled with bones and rats. I gulped even more. “What do you want with me?” I questioned shakily. His loud low deep laugh filled the room. “He… wants… us.. dead…” Eleanor answered just as terrified as me. “But why?” I questioned getting a little more confident. “It is not my wishing but another’s,” the man deep low voice shook my body. “Who?” I questioned shaking even more. “None of your business,” the man shouted at me. “Who are you?” I keep questioning. I was so terrified and I think my only outlet was asking him questions. “I am not going to tell you!” the man low deep voice shouted so loudly that the whole building shook. I moved backwards into a dead body. I recognized the face. It was Lauren’s boyfriend, Phil. She will not be happy about this. I jumped back about ten feet away from it but the blood covered the back of my legs. He must have just been killed too. He was still bleeding. This was the nastiest McDonald’s I have even been in.   

                     “Look, if you want to know who I am. I will explain. I am a master assassin and I have been sent here by another to take all the ladies for a reason. They want all the lads to go single,” the man deep creepy voice explained. Despite the fact that he had a creepy voice his words at least those words were informative. “So.. are you going to kill us?” I asked still shaking by his strong voice. “Get in the cage!” he demanded opening the door. I ran into the rat infested cage and shut the door behind me. The creeper walked up the steps slowly shaking the whole place as he went up. “If I live, I am going to break up with Niall,” Courtney mentioned when he left. “Why?” Danielle asked. “I can’t deal with all this!” Courtney shouted pointing around the room. “And you don’t think we are horrified too?” Perrie yelled back. “Guys calm down. The lads will save us!” Lucy tried to comfort. Through this whole argument, I had my hand to my face stressed out and in mortal fear as well. “Shut up!” I shouted, “The lads aren’t coming and we are stuck here!” Just then the stairs start to shake lowly. The creeper man was coming and probably with a weapon to kill us with.

                     He made it to the room and had Samuel in his hands. Samuel was covered in blood. His own blood. The man had the same knife he use to cut me free from the sludge in his hands except the knife was covered in blood. “You killed him!” I screamed. He laughed evilly. “He is all yours,” the man responded slowly tossing him toward the cage. He walked back up the stairs causing the room to shake. “Samuel!” I screamed holding him tears pouring down my face. “Makenzie, listen to me,” Samuel demanded barely breathing. “Samuel you are dying don’t you see?” I commented. “Listen my dear. I will help you before I die. You must get out of here and I know how,” Samuel said in one long breath. I nodded and took his advice still tears falling from my face. “There is a lever over the pull it and get out of here,” Samuel advised. “Pull it!” I screamed. “Eww it is full of rat poop,” Courtney remarked. “Freaking pull the lever my boyfriend is dying and the least thing you can do is pull it!” I shouted at her. “I got it,” Danielle responded sweetly. Danielle pulled the lever and the bottom of the floor started moving downwards. “Samuel!” I shouted. “My dear! Remember your heart can be healed. At least you got to see me first!” Samuel shouted smiling. I couldn’t respond. The tears keep flowing. “You will always be in my mind!” I finally blurted out between the tears. “No, I want you to move on!” Samuel screamed. I couldn’t see him anymore. We have got too low into the elevator. That was the last time I would ever see him again.

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