The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


5. Chapter 5

A flowing ghost like figure behind me. I screamed my head off as I dropped the note. I wanted to talk to it but I couldn’t. The words didn’t come out of my mouth. We stared at it breathing heavily. It just laughed at us and disappeared into thin air. I calmed down a little bit. The lights were still out and all I could hear was voices. “Are you ok Malena?” Lauren asked. “I am fine,” Malena answered. I could tell she was shaking in fear. “Let’s get a head count then,” I responded. “Harry?” Lauren asked. “Here,” Harry answered. “Liam?” I questioned. “Here,” Liam said. “I’m here,” Niall mentioned. “Me too,” Zayn added. “What about the girls?” I questioned. There was no response. Just then all the lights turn on and we see that it was only the lads and Malena, Lauren, and I standing in the room. I could tell by the grin on Lauren’s face she was think “Yes! Niall is all mine!”

This wasn’t good though. All the ladies were gone and they were gone for a reason. Now I got it. I knew who this creeper was after and what his goal was or did I? No, I wasn’t sure. I needed hard cold proof and I was going to find it. “We need to find them!” Louis shouted. “Hey look I am with you as much as the next guy but we can’t find them if we have no idea where they are,” I mentioned. “You don’t understand Makie!” Louis shouted at me while grabbing my shoulders and moving me backward and forward. “I think I do,” I responded. “And how would you know that?” Louis asked. “I am not really suppose to say anything…” I start creepily. “Her boyfriend is back in the States and all,” Lauren answered for me. “Lauren! Shut up!” I screamed at her. “You’re in a relationship?” they all shouted. “I mean come on look at this face. Who can resist?” I replied. Lauren and Malena slapped their foreheads as they shook their heads. “Lauren is dating too!” I mentioned. “You are dating?” Niall shouted. “Ya, he is back in the States too,” Lauren answers softly. “And Malena?” Zayn questioned. “Single! Single! Single!” I shouted. “Like a song,” Harry mentioned winking. “I was thinking more along the lines of being a loner,” Lauren states. “I would have to agree with Lauren on this,” I agreed giving her a high five.

 “You guys are so mean to me,” Malena fake cried. “Get use to it doll. They are just as bad if not worse,” Lauren stated. A low chuckled filled the room. “Well enough with this. I am off to find the ladies,” I said heading to the door. “Are you sure you want to do that?”Lauren questioned winking. “yes I do,” I said shaking my head and smiling at her. “Don’t you want us to come?” Niall asked. “The less people the better. I will just go,” I answered smartly. “Ok then be careful,” Liam said sweetly. “And bring them back safe,” Louis added. “I will. Oh an Louis you might want to dust off that ring first. It is getting a little dusty,” I mentioned moving my eyebrows up and down and smiling. He blushed a lot. I opened the door and headed out so I didn’t hear what the others had to say about Louis’s soon to be proposal. 

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