The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


33. Chapter 33

I heard banging on the door. I am guessing it was Malena, Liam, and Lauren. Harry glared at me as if he was saying distract him while I get them in. “Then who are you?” I asked trying to distract him. Hey, if I am going to distract him I am going to get some benefits too. I am going to figure out this mystery whether you like it or not. “You don’t want to know,” his low flowing voice responded. I watched Harry carefully walk to the door. “And what is your plan? I thought you were working for Howard but I guess not,” I questioned not shaking from his voice this time. I guess I was getting more used to this creep. “Howard was never a need. He was a sidekick merely. And my plan! My PLAN! That’s nothing that you need to know,” he responded almost laughing with filled the room. It made me feel icky and odd inside. It was weird. At that moment, Harry had opened the door and reinforcements can in. “You are stupid for trying something like that on me!” he screamed but even his screams were low pitched. Again weird. He grabbed my arm and daggled me over the open window. Everyone gasped except for Lauren. She knew what to do. She ran over to him and kicked him shouting, “Kick them where it hurts!” He released his grip. Oh ya. Great idea, Lauren. I started to fall down. I reached my hands for the windowsill. I held on tightly. I could hear everyone scream as I fell. “Now it’s time to kill you all,” I heard the stalker man say in his deep tone. Shortly after, I heard a yelp from him and running out the door. Great I just need to get down but how. Luckily, the window underneath my feet was now open. I slid through the window carefully and saw an old lady in there.“Sorry. Excuse me,” I said as I walked through her hotel room. I raced to the elevator but it was out of order so I started on the stairs. I finally made it to the bottom after along time of running and saw that everyone was there. “You’re alive!” Malena screamed a little too loudly. “Nine lives remember?” I responded catching my breath. “We need to get out of here,” Liam mentioned. “You can’tleave without Zayn!” Malena protested. “Where is he anyways?” Lauren asked. Danielle spoke up saying, “I don’t know either. The man never told me.” “How did you getthere?” Malena asked. “I was coming to fake kill Zayn next and stuff so I hid in his closet but when I stepped out, he wasn’t there,” Danielle explained. “So is he the killer?” Liam suggested. “No he isn’t,” Harry responded looking forward. We all looked forward. Zayn was standing on the other side of the street with roses and chocolates in his hands. “Makie and Harry are alive?” Zayn screamed as crossed the street. So much for staying incognito.

            “Where did you go? I was so worried!” Malena yelled giving him a hug. “I just went to get some flowers and stuff formy dearest. No big deal,” Zayn informed. “Great so now we have Zayn. Let’s go,” Harry insisted. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was my mom checking up on me. Oh crap. I forgot about that. My mom is going to back tomorrow and she is expecting me to be there at the house. She is going to kill me. “Shhh!” I shouted to everyone as I picked up the phone. “Hey Kenzie, how are you doing? You having fun with Lauren and Malena?” my mom asked. My mom nickname for me sis Kenzie just in case you were wondering. “Ummm ya. I’m having a blast,” I responded. “What’s all that car noise behind you? You better not be in the city,” my mom asked. “Um.. nothing. I got to go. Lauren is being a tard. Bye!” I shouted hanging up before she could say anything. I start to freak out as I pace back and forward. If my mom didn’t want me to go into the city, what would she say if I am in the United Kingdom!? I would be DEAD. “Who was that?” Harry asked. “My mom. I need to get back home tomorrow before she notices anything is up,” I explained stressed out. “Oh crap! My mom is going to kill me too!” Lauren and Malena shouted inunison. “I guess we are having a three way funeral,” Liam muttered. That’s when it hit me. Demi was out there still. She was after us and so was the stalker. We needed to find Louis, Eleanor, and Niall fast! Great, I need to get home in a matter of hours and I still need to solve these problems over here.


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