The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


32. Chapter 32

I threw the suction cups off my hands and grabbed onto the windowsill. Nothing was under me except for air. My whole life depended on not letting go of this windowsill. My hands slipped a little. “Ouch, Makie!” Malena shouted. I didn’t dare look down but I figured that the suction cups I slipped off my fingers hit her head. “Makie! What are you doing? You could die!” Lauren screamed at me. “That’s for the encouragement!” I screamed sarcastically. My fingers slid back further. “Makie! You are going to die! And I can’t catch you! Don’t blame me! Your rules!” Lauren screamed up at me. “SHUT UP!” I screamed at the top of my lungs to her.  I heard footsteps walking toward the window. I figured they would pull me up so I yelled, Ok guys, come around and I will unlock it for you!”. “You couldn’t have said that earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”everyone shouted at me angrily. “I wanted you to face your fears!” I shouted back. They started going downwards as the person pulled me in. I was pulled over the windowsill and pulled into the room. I stood on my feet and saw that Harry was the one who pulled me in. “Thanks Harry,” I said but stopped seeing that something was wrong with him. He had like he was hiding something all over his face. I turned around and saw the dark room with Danielle in the corner crying and another figure but I couldn’t see him/her very well. “What’s going on?” I whispered into his ear. “Babe, you need to get out of here,” Harry whispered back into my ear as he gulped. “What’s going on?” I repeated more sternly this time. “Babe, please,” Harry pleaded. “Harry, please just tell me,” I insisted. That is when the figure from the shade came out of the shadows. Chills went down my spine. It was the stalker man who had captured me in that McDonalds days ago. He was still wearing his black clothes so that you couldn’t see an inch of skin. His steps still scared the living daylight out of me. They shook my body. He approached me.

            I looked at Harry’s face which had fear written all over it and I looked back at the man. “I won’t leave you, love,” Harry mumbled to me as he grabbed my hand. I held on tightly. The figured came to me pushing Harry back to where Danielle was. So much for being at my side.Oh well. It wasn’t his fault anyway. “How many times to I have to kill you?” the man’s deep and creepy voice asked. “How many…..” I restated. That’s when it hit me. The man was Eric. He was the one who shot the gun at the jail. He was the stalker at the McDonald’s. It must have been him. “Eric?” I exclaimed. “Who’s that?” the man’s voice flowed as it shook my body.  I tried to pull the black hood on his faceback to see who it was but when I touched the fabric was as hot as the sun. Oh crap. This was a legit stalker.


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