The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


3. Chapter 3

When I open my eyes, I am surrounded by the five lads. Thankfully, I returned back to normal at least for the most part. “What happened?” I questioned weakly. “You just like passed out,” Liam answers. I looked behind them and spotted the creeper man. “He’s here!” I shouted pointing at him. They turn around saying, “Nothing is there.” “But he is there!” I demanded. I stood up and ran out of the room. I started booking it down the street. I reached a corner and stopped to catch my breath. I was bent over in on the side of the street when two hands from behind me grabbed my waist.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as the hands pulled my backwards.  He puts his hands to my mouth and held onto my waist tightly. He dragged me backwards. My eyes shut. I think something was on his hand that caused me to shut my eyes. Shortly after, I passed out.

When I wake up, I am tied up in a chair in a dim concrete room next to Lauren and Malena who are also tied up. There was a sheet in front of us. “What do you want?” I shouted looking around the room the kidnapper. “You,” a voice said evilly. I couldn’t see any shape or body in the room except for Lauren and Malena’s and so I was super creeped out by this.  I figured he was behind the sheet but still I was creeped out. Malena was shaking. Lauren was blank staring forward. I don’t know what was creeper; my friends or this stalker man. Beads of sweat started to stream down my face slowly. I wetted my dry lips with my tongue. “But the note,” I started half shaking. “Note? I didn’t send a note,” the voice questioned. “Who are you?” I screamed. “I am…..” the voice started. I looked into the concrete wall and saw a short round shape. Suddenly, I wasn’t afraid of this imposter. “a tall strong man who can beat you up in a heartbeat!” the voice continued confidently. “Oh really. Then come out here and beat me up,” I demanded. “Makie! What are you doing?” Malena yelled. Lauren was grinning  so I could tell she knew what I was doing. “Oh… fine… then…” the voice agrees nervously.

A short fat green man walks into the room. “Bob?” Malena questioned as she stopped shaking. “You know him?” Lauren asked. “He is my coworker,” Malena answers. “Cow worker? You work on a farmer?” I joked. “Haha so funny actually I am…” Malena started. “An elf!” Lauren interrupted. Lauren and I look at each and start laughing our heads off. “No, I am actually a cashier at Seven Eleven,” Malena informed staring at us rudely. Lauren and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t even respond. “Anyway,” Bob moved on. “Why are we here?” Malena questioned. “Because I wanted to see you, doll,” Bob points out. Lauren and I’s laughter had stopped for a brief moment before Bob said that but we started busting out laughing again when Bob made that statement. “Bob and Malena sitting in a tree,” Lauren starts still laughing her head off. “Shut up!” Malena demanded. I couldn’t even speak I was practically crying from laughing so hard. “Can you please free us?” Malena questioned Bob. “One date and you are free,” Bob insisted. “Fine,” Malena agreed reluctantly. “Untie them,” Bob instructed his guards. Finally Lauren and I had stopped laughing and we walked back to the trailer to tell the lads about our crazy day.  

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