The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


27. Chapter 27

I waswoken up by the conductor’s announcement saying, “We are half way there.” Ilooked around me and saw that Zayn was no longer at my side. He was gone. Icouldn’t find him anywhere. Where could he have gone? I mean we are on a train.There is nowhere to go. Maybe I was just overreacting. Maybe he just went tothe bathroom. Maybe I wasn’t overreacting. Maybe I was right to worry where hewas. After all Danielle was on our butts and who knows what could have happenedto him? Turns out I was overreacting. Zaynwalked back to his seat in a matter of minutes. I guess he went to the bathroomor something. “Where did you go, babe? You know I was worried about you,” Iquestioned. “I just went into the back room to make some phone calls. Since 2/5of One Direction is dead, I needed to talk to my managers and stuff. Plus Ineeded to book each of us a room at a hotel tonight,” Zayn informed. “Oh,” Iresponded realizing I was being a little dramatic. “Just go  back to sleep; we will be there in a coupleof hours,” Zayn said sitting next to me. I couldn’t sleep. I just woke up. Iignored him and plunged in my earphones from the pocket of the train andwatched the movie they were playing.

            After what seemed like forever, wegot off the train and walked to our hotel just a block away.  “Zayn, why did you pick such a far hotel?” Iasked as I walked slowly behind him. “Come here and I will carry you,” Zaynsaid turning around and holding out his hands. I agreed by nodding and hepicked me up for the last couple of feet. When we got into the hotel, Zayn putme down on the couch and started talking to the lady at the desk. I couldn’thear what there were saying but I didn’t care enough to get up. He turnedtoward me and flashed me the keys. He tossed me mine and I grabbed it. I got upslowly and started walking into the elevator to get to my room on the 14thfloor. Zayn hopped into the elevator with me. I guess he is on the same flooras me. I hobbled down the hall because my feet were throbbing from all therunning. I was in room 1001 and Zayn was in room 1000. “I will be in there in asecond,” Zayn explained as I unlocked my door. I nodded not having energy toanswer.  I shut the door behind me andjumped on my bed.

            I decided that I should take a shower since I was smelly from all the sweating from the running. I walked intothe bathroom. I open the curtain and see Harry? "HARRY!?" i screamed.


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