The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


26. Chapter 26

 “Malena, Ross is dead,” Niall mentioned as he looked up from playing on his phone. My heart sank. We had left him in his trailer across the way. Danielle had killed him. “How do you know?” Liam asked. “This article there,” Niall said showing us his phone. “That was fast,” Lauren mumbled. “What about Demi?” Eleanor asked. “I have no idea. I haven’t seen her all day,” Niall answered. “I bet she is dead too,” Louis added. “I bet you five bucks she isn’t,” Niall betted. “Deal!” Louis exclaimed.“I love how we are betting if someone is dead,” I mumbled shaking my head and smiling. I guess that is how we get over this like this. Betting. A piece of myheart was missing though. Three good people had died today in the hands of Danielle and I hope no more but we both know that is not going to happen.

I was terrified for my own well fair. I didn’t want to be Danielle’s next victim. I don’t think anybody did. I held Zayn close me as I thought of all the ways she could kill me. The bus stopped and my body jerked forward as well as everyone else’s. We were at the airport. We walked into the airport and talked to the ticket lady who had her back to the counter. “When is the next available flight we can hop on is?” Louis asked. “The flight to death,” the lady muttered. Before Louis could respond, the lady turned around to look at our faces. It was Danielle. I was shaking. I was both shocked to see her and nervous of what she was going to do. She placed the gun on Niall’s head and shot. Niall fell to the ground dead. He hit the ground so loudly that it made everyone turn and see him. Well that or the gunshot. Probably both.   I didn’t want to face my back to her but Iknew that was the only thing I could do. I started booking it down the street followed by my friends. That’s when I realized we would have to split up. Thatis also when I realized what were going to tell these kids parents? Oh ya, your son/daughter died by Danielle because she is a crazy wackado? That wasn’tgoing to work.I’m sure they have seen it on the news though. Now on to my splittingup plan. “Eleanor, Louis, run to left!” I screamed as we reached a fork in the road. “Zayn,and I will go forward and Lauren and Liam you go to the right!” I screamedback. They all split up and since there was only one Danielle we were bond to have most of us live. If she went after one, they would be dead but at least the others would still be alive. Our main hope was that everyone survivedthough. I hope she didn’t pick me if she did pick.

            I kept running and running faster andfaster. I run into the train station. I hopped on the first train available and found my seat. Zayn was at my side. It started to go quickly and I hoped that Danielle wasn’t on it. Just at that moment, the train’s conductor said, “Everyone  abroad is heading to Glasgow, Scotland. It’s a five hour trip so getcomfortable.” “Oh great!” I muttered sarcastically into Zayn’s ear. “You mightas well call the others to see how there are doing,” Zayn suggested. “Good idea,” I agreed. I pulled out my phone and looked for Lauren’s number but itwasn’t in my phone. In fact, there was no numbers in my phone. My phone wascontactless. “But babe there is no numbers in here,” I responded showing him myphone. “Don’t you have them memorized?” Zayn questioned. “No, should I? That’s what phones are for,” I exclaimed. “Here,” Zayn said as he pulled out a yellowbook from the pocket and placed it on  mylap. “What is this?” I asked. “A phone book. Look up their names and dial thenumber,” Zayn informed. “I have never seen this before,” I mumbled as I flipped through the book. I got to the L chapter and looked high and low from Laurenbut she wasn’t in there. “She is not in here,” I stated. “That can’t be,” Zayn protested grabbing the book from my hands. He couldn’t find her either and theworst part about the whole thing was she was the only one with a number in thebook. Louis, Eleanor, or Liam won’t put their numbers in there. There arefamous. I put my phone back into my pocket realizing I won’t be able to call them Maybe never again. I leaned back in my chair and put on head on Zayn’s shoulder. I fell asleep in a matter of seconds.


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